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Wrong packaging can turn your reputation as a good seller to a reckless seller who doesn’t care about customer service. To our regret, it is something very common that happens among Amazon sellers. Our Amazon reinstatement service has appealed many suspensions caused by wrong packaging and negligence. However, as a responsible suspension Amazon appeal service, we decided to right the wrongs by dedicating this article to the art of packaging. Your packaging management should be your main priority because this way not only your products but also your Amazon account and reputation will be saved. Now, have a seat and take a deep breath, there’s bigger fish to fry!

As you know, Amazon has some strict requirements concerning EVERYTHING, and you just can’t avoid them. Now, just like everything else, packaging has also caught Amazon’s eye. Below, you will see all the general requirements for all the products that thousands of Amazon sellers list on their accounts.

  • “Any FNSKU you use on a unit must be unique and must correspond to one unique product. For example, each assortment type, such as size or color, must have a different FNSKU.”
  • Now, what is that bizarre combination of letters? The Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit is a scannable label which is a crucial tool for sellers to have their inventory efficiently packed, picked, and shipped.
  • Each unit must have an exterior scannable barcode or label (which includes a scannable barcode and the corresponding human-readable numbers) that is easily accessible. For more information, see FBA product barcode requirements.
  • Remove, cover, or render unscannable any existing scannable barcodes on the outside of shipping boxes. For example, cover existing barcodes with opaque tape or use a black felt-tip marker to render the barcode unscannable. This prevents incorrect barcode from being accidentally scanned during the receiving process.

Apart from these, there are certain requirements connected with the type of products you are selling. The limitations differ based on what you’re selling; it can be sets, box units, liquid, gels, batteries, jewelry, and so on. You will definitely know more about these in our future articles, the best is yet to come!

What can you do to make your packaging even better than it is? Well, there are different ways you can win with your customers, and in a few seconds, you will find out everything!

  • Your product together with its packaging should be simple, straightforward, and easy. It should be easy to comprehend. If your product or packaging contains too many words, symbols, or sales language, it will only repel your customer.
  • Put yourself in a customer’s position: would you like to receive this product with this packaging? If not, you should definitely consider some things.
  • In the packaging you can include cards, brochures, and other inserts; however, you don’t need to be persuasive, don’t command them to write positive reviews and other actions that may lead you to search for an Amazon reinstatement service.
  • You can also include your business information so that your customers can return to you and make more purchases (of course, if they are satisfied with the purchase).

Long story short, the packaging is an important aspect of selling on Amazon and you should take all the measures to adhere to Amazon’s requirements and Terms of Service because you will not only make big profits but will also find a common ground with Amazon. If you’re being nice to Amazon policies, they are nice to you; as simple as that! Go off the road, and you’ll have your seller account suspended! No worries, though! Got Suspended is always here to the rescue!