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“Can I run multiple accounts on Amazon?”

It’s a question that many sellers often ask us. The answer is: yes…and no. As with most cases on Amazon, there are lot of rules and regulations that sellers must follow if they wish to have multiple selling accounts on the platform. If you create multiple accounts without following Amazon’s policies, Amazon will detect that you are using multiple accounts (without following instructions), and your seller privileges can be temporarily deactivated, with all accounts suspended. That’s right. If one account goes down, all accounts go down. That being said, there are still guidelines you can follow and manage multiple accounts while playing the book:

  • Contact Seller Performance and open a case with them, requesting permission
  • If permission is granted, create separate entities for each account; you cannot operate multiple accounts with one entity
  • Create each entity with completely different information; from emails to bank accounts
  • Once the entity is set up, open the account and make sure each account carries a completely different line of products


“What Questions Might They Ask Me?”

Amazon will likely ask generic questions which you can easily answer:

–              How long you’ve been active in business

–              Sources of your inventory (supply chains)

–              Sales you anticipate to have on Amazon

–              Whether or not you have items available to ship

–              Address of retail locations, if any

–              Websites of which you sell


If you play by the rules, you might be able to circumvent a suspension. Any mismatch or seemingly illegal activity, you’re in hot water.

It is all about information. Do not jump the gun by using the same information for both accounts, including names, banking information, domain names, IP addresses, names of the business, and store names.

Do not share your devices for both seller accounts. If you are running multiple accounts, always keep in mind that it is recommended not to use the same computer for accessing your accounts, the same smartphones, or any other device. Also, avoid using public Wi-Fi.

The result of not following these rules is a linked account suspension, a wormhole which will take a lot of effort to come out of.


Maintaining Multiple Accounts

Let’s imagine Amazon caught you using multiple accounts. Do not panic, and try to convince Amazon that it was a mistake and it will never happen again. Your mission is to show Amazon that you were not aware of this kind of violation, and chances are you weren’t and that’s probably why you’re reading this blog!


“Why should I even open multiple accounts if it’s this tricky?”


Opening and operating multiple accounts is something each seller decides to do or not to do.

There are pros and cons. First off, if you have multiple accounts and you have a good track record, you could still continue using one account if the other one gets deactivated for whatever reason. Spreading risk.

On the other hand, you may not pay attention to the little details when creating/operating two or more accounts and this will result in suspensions.

In either case, we are here to help you! If you’re thinking about opening multiple accounts, or you’ve already gone and got yourself suspended, send us a message and we’ll guide you through the process!

introduce you to all pros and cons of having multiple accounts. Now, when the ball is in your court, and you are sure that you will be able to overcome all the obstacles, then act!!