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We at Got Suspended Clients welcome all our booklover friends who have decided to sell textbooks on Amazon! We have something special for you today – tips on how you can sell these products on Amazon and never get suspended! So, if you feel that you need to know about this, keep reading our article, and by the end of it, you will know about every trick in the book that you can use to sell your products!

To avoid confusion let’s understand that a textbook is used for educational purposes only. This means that if you want to sell a novel, poems or tales for the little ones, you should list them by choosing the “books” category, and not textbooks. Now that we know the difference between these two, let’s talk about selling them, what can we do, and what we can’t!

Let’s pretend you did a market research, found the textbooks that are selling the most, and now you’re ready to list them on your Amazon seller account. But wait, don’t hurry! Before listing anything, you should take some decisive steps which will guarantee a suspension-less selling career.

How Can I Prepare My Textbooks?

Most of the sellers buy used (but in good condition) books to sell on Amazon, which is why many of them contain marks, stains, notes and highlighted parts. Even though sometimes it is acceptable to sell them even with their “imperfections,” you still have to comply with Amazon’s policies and condition guidelines regardless.

Before listing the actual product on Amazon, make sure you clean your textbook and remove all the marks and stains, if there are any. Wrinkled, folded, and creased pages should be pressed and flattened. You can use a lightly-warm iron to get this done. If the textbook should supposedly have any additional material, for example a CD, make sure you include it before creating your listings. Or at least mention in your listings that it doesn’t come with the CD, so the buyer is aware of what they are purchasing.

Are There any Limitations?

Yes, we have some restrictions you should know about before dealing with textbooks. Since they are used for education purposes, mostly for students who are studying a certain subject, your textbook should never include answers, highlighted parts and other marks. If you found them on your textbook, don’t try to sell it on Amazon; otherwise, it will throw a suspension-book at you!

Even though we, humans, don’t have the power to read minds, we can read Amazon’s by looking at its policies and guidelines. For example, Amazon won’t allow you to sell textbooks that include severe and worrying wear and tears! Observe your textbooks as though you’re going to study and pass an exam – if you find missing pages, or it includes serious scratches that can confuse your customer, don’t even try to sell these textbooks! Nobody wants to buy a textbook which was thrown at a wall after the previous owner found out that they failed the exam!

Anything Else?

Yup, we still have some tips for you!

  • Make sure you have high-quality product images for your listings!
  • Product Images should also include the damaged, scratched or smashed parts of your textbooks. If your customer finds them perfect despite their imperfections, they won’t regret it after receiving the textbook.
  • Usually, the price of the textbook is written on its last or first pages with a pencil, so make sure you erase it on time. It’s obvious that you’re going to list your textbooks at a higher price than you obtained them, but don’t reveal that secret to your customers; they will become angry and leave a negative feedback (hint, hint: ODR suspension!).

Amazon can easily throw the book at you and suspend your seller account within a couple of seconds, so make sure you’re careful with your customer service and the products you sell! Our appeal service will give you all the necessary tips to circumvent a suspension, but if you’re already in Amazon’s bad books, we can get you out ASAP!