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In the late spring of 2017, Amazon sellers across the globe found themselves facing a new beast: hackers. But how are hacked accounts connected to suspensions? We’re willing to bet that this exact same question came to your mind while reading this intro.

Let’s understand how the two are connected and why this type of suspension is so dangerous for Amazon sellers and more importantly, what you should do to get your Amazon account reinstated if you ever find yourself in a position like this. Here a list of how hackers can get your suspended without even having other intentions other than hacking it:

  • They will change your banking information.
  • They will alter your bank-deposit information.
  • Some hackers will create listings on your store for nonexistent products. They will also add in shipping dates for orders that haven’t even arrived, or have never been made! Why? Because they can.
  • Oh, did we forget? They will steal thousands of dollars out of your pockets.

As practice shows, Amazon will immediately freeze your seller account if a hacker causes any of the above. As a result, you find yourself in a very difficult situation and have to get your suspended Amazon seller account reinstated. First of all, you won’t have access to your account until the problem is resolved. That means you can’t even follow Amazon’s instructions! In this situation, your instinct should tell you to consult Amazon’s legal team, and that’s also what Got Suspended recommends you do. Amazon is open to cooperate with those sellers whose accounts were hacked, provided that the hack can be proven.

But how did you go and get yourself hacked in the first place?

Let’s take a look:

First of all, be careful with malware websites; Hackers can get into your information through emails, so if any email looks or contains something funky, don’t click! By clicking on these email links, you are risking getting caught by hacking software. Do not submit your Amazon password anywhere except your official Amazon account. Hackers use your account’s information to access your account. To avoid such kind of issues, you should use the two-step verification on the Amazon website.

We at Got Suspended Clients have a unique privilege of working with professional attorneys and can tackle not only hacked account issues but also many others.

Suppose you did all of the above and you still got hacked!

Here’s what you should do in case this happens:

Do not panic and try to notify Amazon as soon as possible. Then log into your account from a different device, change your password with the two-step verification process. Put your account on vacation mode until the issue is resolved. Try to reach out to your bank and try to figure out if your information was altered. Then you should change all your banking information to ensure your account is not in the red.

Your next step in the process of your hacked Amazon account reinstatement should be writing a persuasive POA to Amazon. And try to explain the whole problem from A to Z. You can’t expect Amazon to believe your hack story right off the bat! If you are completely confused and feel inexperienced in writing such kind of letters, you can contact us at Got suspended Clients, and we will help you resolve any issue. Our team consists of professional and experienced personnel who can guide you during your suspension and reinstate your suspended account in a prompt manner.

In conclusion, we can see that getting hacked can lead to account suspension. As a result, you lose both your seller privileges and risk losing money from your credit cards. And if you don’t address this issue with all responsibility, an endless process of your Amazon accounts reinstatement awaits you. But that’s OK, because Got Suspended Clients employees are superheroes who rush to rescue clients from online pirates and criminals!