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It is commonly known that both reviews and feedback are crucial for every Amazon seller. Thanks to these reviews, you can detect and solve any issues in their early stages.  One of the most important steps is securing 5-star ratings for your products, since the success of your business directly depends on this rating system.

No matter how long you’ve been operating on Amazon, avoiding negative feedback is still a hassle. Nevertheless, experts believe that it is actually BETTER to have some quantity of negative feedback rather than being squeaky clean. Because if a store is squeaky clean, it looks suspicious to Amazon. There’s also the other side of the blade. Having too much negative feedback can have terrible consequences. If you’re looking for a way to “disinfect” your account of negative feedback, we have a bunch of tips right here which will guide you through the process:

First Tip: Don’t Panic!

If it’s the first time you’ve been hit with negative feedback, just stay calm. It’s easier said than done, but when we tell you how easily you can fix this issue, you’ll be taking a relaxed breath!

Amazon has specifications listed in its policies for negative feedback. If your negative feedback rate is anywhere between 0 to 2%, then there’s no need to skip a heartbeat. Just try to keep it below 5%, and you’re all set.

Second Tip: Amazon to the Rescue!

What if after investigating your seller account and negative feedback, it comes to light that the negative feedback was written by mistake? First of all, try to reach out to Amazon and ask them to remove it. As a rule, Amazon keeps up with four special criteria for removable feedback.

  1. The client’s feedback contains insulting words: If the buyer threatens to crack down on you, you can safely ask Amazon to delete this review. We’re all civil here!
  2. If the feedback contains some personal data about the client, such as phone number, email addresses, or full names, you can ask Amazon to delete it in terms of privacy.
  3. Also, Amazon can remove feedback which entirely consists of product reviews. In most cases, clients leave a product review in the seller feedback area instead of the product review field. But if feedback includes product and seller reviews together, it is not possible to remove them.
  4. If the feedback is almost about shipping problems, and you are utilizing FBA, it is not your responsibility to carry about shipping issues, leave them to Amazon. Load off your mind!

As you can see, there is nothing scary about removing negative feedback. So, if your problematic review meets this criterion, you can confidently ask Amazon to remove it.

Like we saw above, negative feedback is a common occurrence. Simply put, try not to fixate on the negativity. Instead, focus on running an honest, transparent business, and you will likely avoid negative feedback anyway. Even if it does happen, hey, you’re only human! And there’s always ways to rectify a hit-and-miss!