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We have talked a lot about Amazon’s Account Health Service, but we have a genuine reason for that! Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to turn Amazon and its services into fuming monsters that can eat you alive; no!  We want to show that even the service that’s specially designed for assisting sellers can add fuel to the flames, and permanently burn your account and reinstatement hopes. That’s why we want to warn you before it’s too late.

Numerous sellers across Amazon have calls with Account Health Services to understand the reason for warning, the reason for suspension, the status of the appeal, and so on. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of sellers expects more than this service can give, which becomes a reason for disappointment, and of course, failed reinstatements. That’s why today, we are going to tell you what Amazon Account Health Service can’t do for you! Because, honestly, the best way to avoid disappointment (and rejected appeals) is to not expect anything!

They Can’t Give You Professional Advice

Professional advice is not AHS’ thing at all! Keep in mind that their employees are trained to provide information that is visible on their screens, that’s why advising is not really part of their plan. They just look at your appeal, the points you have in your Plan of Actions, and give their personal advice. Yes, they can afford it, because they have seen many appeals and notes left on them, so even if they are not trained for professional advice, they can show you what they think. That’s why you shouldn’t rely solely on their opinion, because sometimes what they think is right can actually be pretty damaging to your case! Listen to their advice, but take everything with a grain of salt.

They Can’t Force Seller Performance to Review Your Case

They can have a look at your appeal and give an opinion, but they can’t tell seller Performance Team (SPT) to give additional (or any) notes to the appeal you sent.  If there are no notes, you will never know what happened to your appeal, because all they have is the date of sending the appeal, the information about (SPT) receiving your letter, and that’s it. Just know that you’ll be very lucky if Seller Performance leaves notes, otherwise AHS won’t help. It just can’t!

They Can’t Have Everything!

While Seller Performance Team has all the invoices, documents for verification, ASINs and retractions, Account Health Service may not have it! Well, theoretically, they should have it, but practically, they don’t! So, if you’re waiting for short and productive calls, you won’t get them. They can mute the call, or even put it on hold before they find the information that’ll help them do their work!

This is the end of “Why you shouldn’t rely on Account Health service too much” rubric, and now, we can surely say that you know everything about this service. From benefits to losses, we have covered everything! And now, we have time to celebrate the very fact that Amazon sellers know more about Amazon; that’s our Got Suspended? appeal service’s goal!