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Yes, that’s a thing!

Amazon can have your seller account suspended for seemingly no reason. You may probably want to ask how you can detect the main reason for your suspension. No worries, Got Suspended’s Amazon reinstatement service is here for exactly such kind of issues. First of all, you should explore your entire account. If you come across with specific products that may lead to the suspension, it is better to delete them from your listing. It will be considered as a good signal in the eyes of the Amazon.

You should do your best to find out the root cause of your suspension. You can start from verifying your customer’s reviews and Performance Notifications; it will help you prevent Amazon suspensions in the future.

Don’t Ignore the Big Guy’s Notes

If you get an Amazon seller suspension, you must check your account performance notifications regularly. As a rule, the information in these notifications is very short and blurry; that’s why most of the suspended sellers cannot catch the reason for their suspension. However, sometimes the most crucial part of your suspension lies exactly in these notifications. Fortunately, Got Suspended’s Amazon suspension appeal service can easily dig up all the necessary information on your suspension since we have extensive experience in matters like these.


Ask Amazon

Another way of solving this issue is contacting Amazon directly. Try to reach out to Amazon through Seller Central for your solving your issue. You can use the option of getting over-the-phone support and try to explain your situation. Be prepared to provide all the necessary information on your seller account and keep on hand the invoices and letters of authorization in order to show that all your products are coming from reliable sources.


Don’t Know? Don’t Do!

If you put all your efforts in finding the root cause of your suspension, but end up blanking out, avoid writing a Plan of Actions by yourself. You’ll likely double the problems. It is better to trust it to the professionals like Got Suspended Amazon account appeal service. We are ready to guide you in the process of identifying the root cause of your Amazon account deactivation and provide you with a comprehensive review of your Amazon account. Plus, we will write a persuasive Plan of Action based on our researches on your unique issue. All our team members working together in order to get the best results for our customers.