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Our Amazon appeal service, Got Suspended Clients, continues to fulfill its mission of educating Amazon sellers, thereby keeping them away from Amazon account suspensions. In one of our previous and important articles, we were talking about Amazon product videos which are not only attractive to customers’ eyes, but can also help you avoid getting suspended. If you are interested in how product videos can help you stay away from the suspension train created by Amazon, just go through this article and learn the ropes. We guarantee a fun reading experience!

From Videos to a Suspension-Free Career

If you don’t want to go back and find the article we’re talking about, let us briefly describe the need of product videos, so that you better understand their concept. Videos are really a catch, especially when they showcase your product in the best way possible. For example, your product may have a hidden feature which cannot be seen through simple pictures; having a pro-shot video could help you a lot in showing your calling card! Hidden features can turn into a pleasant surprise upon receiving the product; but what if they don’t? If customers don’t like what they see in their hands, just know that you will get many returns. If the worst comes to the worst, they will fill your listings will negativity and pessimism, which means a high ODR, which means…yep! A suspension or two!

Which Product Videos Can Eradicate the Risk of Suspensions?

There are various types of product videos which can help you build a strong bond with Amazon and its customers.

Option 1

One of the easiest ways to show your product is option number 1 – where you just show your product from different angles. Your product continuously rotates, which makes it easier for your customers to see your product and better understand its shape, features, colors and so forth! This type of video is mainly about the product’s appearance and facade, so make sure you estimate your product’s capabilities to understand what it really needs! For example, if you’re selling sports shoes, the customer would like to fully understand their shape, just like when they go shopping in a physical store.

Option 2

As we said, customers will leave negative feedback under your listings if they are not satisfied with products they receive. That’s why the creative human mind has created videos where each and every customer can feel the human touch and good customer service. For example, you are selling a coffee machine, which can theoretically have a simple white background video (just like in the first option). What if your coffee machine can do more, and can attract more customers? Here is when second type of video comes to scene. In the following video, you show customers themselves and how they are using your product. This will make them more intrigued toward you and your product; so, if you do everything just right, no negative feedback or return will ever occur!

Option 3

The third type of product videos is focused more on client education. In these videos, an advertisement-like voice tells customers about the product, what features it has, and why customers must have it. It is kind of a mix, combining both options 1 and 2. The product can still be seen from different angles, customers may still use it, meanwhile a voice from nowhere explains the details!

Option 4

We must say that there is also an option 4 where you compare your products to those of your competitors, just like those washing machine powder advertisements you see on TV. You should be careful with these, though. Compare your products, no one’s stopping you from that. Just make sure you don’t mention any names and don’t hint at famous products. If you want to compare your products, just highlight your product’s advantages and tell that others don’t have this or that feature, without directly mentioning names.  

Know how to use Amazon product videos to ease your way away from suspensions. But if you already have some Amazon-related issues and your account has been suspended, Got Suspended Clients is sending you a reinstatement signal! Bring your account to us, and we’ll take care of the rest!