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Let’s return to a topic that is often brought up when it comes to the biggest eCommerce platform in history, Amazon.

Almost 5 years ago, eBay was cornering the e-commerce market by providing both sellers and customers with an opportunity to buy and sell whatever they wanted. It lasted till the 2000s when Amazon confidently entered the market and became an acknowledged leader in this segment. For more than 20 years, Amazon has become a great empire, with nearly 2.5 million sellers and more than 300 million active buyers. Due to having different fulfillment centers in every corner of our planet, Amazon can fulfill the orders in the fastest way; at the same time, it provides buyers with incomparable customer service.

However, besides the incredible popularity, Amazon also has its skeletons in the closet. Nobody is perfect and Amazon is no different. Therefore, we at Got Suspended Clients have prepared a series of blogs that talk about the main challenges and opportunities that sellers can meet when operating on Amazon.


The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

Obstacles in Launching

From year to year, it becomes more and more difficult to start an e-commerce business on Amazon. That’s because the biggest part of existing sellers does not follow the rules adopted by Amazon. Amazon has become stricter in its requirements on starting a business on its platform. For example, there are lots of categories of different products for selling which you should get Amazon’s approval, and this process isn’t that easy. However, there are some cases when sellers receive automatic approval on selling some categories, just after registering their seller account.

You Get Paid Every Two Weeks

Unfortunately, it is true; Amazon sellers get money from sold products every two weeks. But, if you have a legacy account, you can easily request your payment every 24 hours. Keep in mind that Amazon doesn’t allow its customers to pay through PayPal, which may become a problem if you are also selling on other e-commerce platforms.


Generally, most Amazon sellers do not sell their own products and prefer to resell items. They buy products in bulk from wholesale suppliers and resell them through their store. The main problem is that when you are buying products in bulk, there are lots of Amazon sellers who do the same. As a result, you face high competition during your operation. Therefore, if you want avoid competition, you can start doing private label on Amazon. The process is quite simple, you buy products in bulk, and put your name or logo on them. This small change can help you differ your product from your competitors.

It is Hard to Create a Positive Feedback Profile

When you are running your business on Amazon. you should be aware of that Amazons’ customers are fond of leaving bad reviews. So, you should put much effort in order to build your feedback. You can  find more information about negative feedbacks by reading  our blog.


Your Products Can Become Restricted

Keep in mind that Amazon is friends with large manufacturers and brands. And if one day the brand decides that it doesn’t want it product to be sold on Amazon by third-party sellers, they can request Amazon to restrict selling their product through its platform. Now imagine if you are a wholesale seller, who gets products in bulk to sell on Amazon, and after a while you find out that these products are restricted for selling; kind of scary, right?



Another negative aspect when it comes to selling on Amazon is suspension. There are hundreds of reasons for which Amazon can suspend your selling account; as a result, you can lose not only your business, but also your bank account until the problem will be solved. There are many types of Amazon suspensions, such as: Inauthentic, Intellectual property, Verification, Price Gouging, Sales Velocity and many others. Read this blog where you can find detailed information about Amazon suspensions.

As you can see, selling on Amazon is not so simple as it may seem to be; especially when it comes to suspensions. However, with Got Suspended Clients’ team, you should not worry about your account suspension, since we are open to handle all the types of suspension and reinstate your suspended account in a timely fashion. Go through our website, and find more information about the services provided by our team.