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Tired of doing nothing but sanitizing your hands and staying at home? A wearisome process, isn’t it?  We know how tiring it is to stay inside your four walls, hoping that one day the quarantine will end and you’ll get back to your normal life. Unfortunately, none of us can predict the Corona future. All we can do is sanitize our seller account and make some changes in our business operations to be ready even for the worst. Come to think of it, stay at home! Our tips don’t require anything that can make you leave your house.

Even Amazon can be out of time!

We at Got Suspended think that it’s the best time to start merchant-fulfilling your own products. Why? Let’s figure this out.

Recently, we have seen many sellers who were sort of “betrayed” by Amazon, since Corona affected not only us, the sellers but also Amazon who is running the extra mile to manage FBA orders. Fulfilled by Amazon is a great feature for each of us, but not during this time. More and more of Amazon’s warehouses are testing positive for Coronavirus which means that the shipping process can’t be handled properly. If your customers don’t receive their orders on time, you are done for. Not every customer tries to put oneself in your shoes, which means you are within a hair’s breadth of receiving negative feedback or a request for canceling the order.

If you don’t want to spend your time on prep pack and ship process, you can easily work with a fulfillment center that is currently working and is free from Coronavirus.

Sanitize your Amazon account!

During the pandemic, we have too much time on our hands, so we should use it wisely. On a daily basis, check your Account Health in order to avoid an Amazon seller account suspension. Moreover, go through your listings and make sure that every item listed on Amazon is physically available. Remove the “Out of stock” products and eliminate any products that can be against Amazon’s policies. Luckily, this is a shortlist provided by Amazon. Read Amazon’s policies and pass quizzes at Amazon Seller University which is a win for you and your Amazon account. You’re stuck at home. Might as well learn stuff! Customers are very visual; they estimate your products according to visual content. So, do what they want and add some more videos and captivating texts to your listings. Make it more fun to shop on Amazon.

What about another e-commerce platform?

There are many online platforms that can serve as alternatives to Amazon. Variety is the key to success, think about it. If you’re interested in selling your products on different platforms, you should definitely read our blog about Amazon alternatives.

Time is of the essence and sometimes we should improvise, simply play it by ear and make the best of this situation. Sometimes even the top dog is overwhelmed with deadlines due to the current state of things. It’s the perfect time to organize your business, your seller account, and your listings. This is a perfect opportunity for you to avoid having your Amazon account suspended. We at Got Suspended know that it’s tough enough to have your Amazon seller account suspended in the times of pandemic. We are ready to help you handle this situation and appeal your Amazon suspension.