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If you decide to start your business on Amazon, your main mission is to choose the right products which will sell well. The future of your business depends on choosing these products. However, in the pursuit of getting high-demand products, most of the sellers fail in early stages of their business. Imagine how upset you would be if you found out that all the goods you spent time sourcing were restricted by Amazon. Once you find out about this, your first step should be doing your best in returning your products to your supplier, which is not going to be as easy as it may seem to be. Or, you can try to sell all these products using another way.

We at Got Suspended Clients suggest that you go in the other direction, and obtain Amazon’s approval for selling restricted category.

But first of all, let’s try to understand what a restricted category on Amazon is.


We have already talked about several restricted products in our previous blogs. You can find tons of information concerning different restricted products by going to Got Suspended Clients’ blogs section. However, here is a short list of the most popular restricted products on Amazon:

  • Animals
  • Art
  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs
  • Jewelry
  • Medical Devices
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

Do you know what unites all these categories? All of them are high-demand and very profitable to sell. Exactly for that reason, apart from the fact that you can’t sell live animals on a marketplace facilitator, Amazon wants to ensure that you are going to sell products which it allows you to sell.


So, How Do You Get Amazon’s Approval?

Arm yourself with headache pills, since it is going to be a hard and time-intensive process. There are situations when the seller gets an Amazon approval just after submitting all the necessary paperwork. But since luck is not always on our side, let’s consider the alternative:

  • First of all, go to your Seller Central account and click on the Inventory section.
  • Then, you have to click on “Add a product” and search the product which interests you. If it returns as a restricted product, then you have to click on “Request Approval.”
  • Now starts the trickiest process, since you can either get approval immediately, or get stuck in an endless process of submitting all the necessary documents required by Amazon.

Besides the invoices and the letters of authorization, there are also some additional requirements concerning your Amazon business, such as:

  • A well maintained ODR
  • At least three months of selling experience on Amazon
  • A professional selling plan
  • A return address of the country where you are running your business

Of course, the above-mentioned information is very crucial. However, the green card for getting Amazon’s approval is providing valid invoices, and showing Amazon that you are a legitimate seller working solely with authorize wholesaler distributors.


Keep in mind that your application can be rejected even if you have provided all the necessary requirements. In this case, you have to keep submitting your request. You may probably want to ask, is it worth it? Sure, by getting approval to sell the products of restricted categories, you’ll get lots of opportunities over other sellers.


At Got Suspended Clients, we will not only help you in reinstating your suspended accounts, but also provide resources which you can leverage for becoming a seller of restricted categories in a way that’s safe and suspension-free!