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Yes, we know. The title of this blog is very perplexing. Why should you keep negative reviews? Weren’t sellers supposed to stay away from negativity in the first place?

There’s a catch.

Many people, especially Amazon sellers, have to perform a balancing act between different customers, which is, in fact, not the easiest thing to do. This is important because a lot depends on customers, their opinions, and their level of satisfaction. Amazon sellers know like the back of their hands that providing customer service is the most important part of their job. Owing to customer satisfaction, building bridges between sellers and Amazon will be as easy as pie, which is why they try to satisfy their customers in order to escape negative feedback, and therefore, Amazon seller suspension. However, it’s time to dispel that stereotype and prove that sometimes negative feedback can positively affect your seller account, together with keeping seller suspensions away.

Even though sometimes negative feedback can result in having your seller account suspended, you should at first analyze your situation and decide which option is better for you: should you remove or keep your negative feedback? That is the question.

Customers as A Tool for Marketing

At first, you should understand that your customer is a perfect tool for the marketing of your business; they are bringing something to the table by talking about you, recommending, or even advising against your business. Think of it, you got negative feedback and you decided to bury your head in the sand and forget that you’ve got a problem on your hands. This will make a customer even angrier, and guess what, Amazon suspension will wait behind your door. Instead, you can concentrate all your efforts on a polite response, which will make you a hero in their eyes, or at the very least a respectable seller.

This is important, as you can have a base of loyal customers who love shopping from you and are continuously recommending your store to other customers.

Amazon Will Notice

Amazon doesn’t suspend you off the bat unless there is already too much negative and UNRESPONDED feedback on your account. If they are not popping up on a daily basis and are properly responded to, Amazon will certainly notice and understand that you really care about your customers, and that you are doing your best to provide the best customer service for them.

This way Amazon seller suspension will pass by without hitting your account.

Think Before You Act

There are numerous companies that offer to remove negative feedback. Most of them are unreliable and will probably take you for a ride, which is why you should analyze their history, consider their status and experience. This is what makes a company trustworthy and vulnerable.

However, if you failed to identify an honest company, Amazon will, for sure, burn bridges with you by getting you an unwanted gift – Amazon seller account suspension.

Long story short, everything should be taken into account before making a decision. Sometimes, negative feedback is as valuable as the positive one; they both can make you bitter and better at one point. When receiving negative feedback, don’t think about Amazon right away. Instead, think about the feedback, read it carefully, and decide what you can do in order to solve the matter amicably. We at Got Suspended Clients highly recommend that you take your time, forget about your anger and respond to your customer promptly, politely, and professionally. This is what can keep you away from Amazon seller suspensions.

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