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Being an Amazon seller requires patience, courage, and many other qualities to navigate through the suspension world. But one thing all sellers should have in common is knowledge of Amazon’s policies since this is what eradicates the risk of suspensions. Even though Amazon’s suspensions are frightening, having a deactivated account is not as alarming as getting in trouble with the law, especially with Intellectual Property rights. As a result, numerous sellers across Amazon receive a Cease and Desist letter from brands or other sellers, which leaves them in panic and terror. To better understand the nature of this letter and answer your other questions, we decided to share our experience with you here, today.

So, what should you do with this letter, and is it possible that the letter is unjustifiable? Are there any risks for the seller who received this letter, are there any legal consequences? We don’t want to scare you, which is why we tailored this blog right for you! Being one of the most successful Amazon reinstatement services, Got Suspended Clients has a special team of appeal writers and lawyers, who will guide you through the entire process of reinstating your seller account, and give you the advice to avoid similar issues in the future.

Now let’s answer all these baffling and perplexing questions for the sake of making everything clear. The cease and desist letter is basically a way to inform the recipient (aka Amazon seller) that they have supposedly infringed a legal right of the sender. In this letter, the sender thoroughly describes the case and asks the seller to stop their actions, otherwise they will face potential legal action as if a cease and desist letter was no enough on its own!

After receiving the letter, carefully inspect your account. What is wrong, and whose IP rights have you infringed on? Did you do it unknowingly? We sure hope so! If you are more than sure that the letter is baseless, you can respond to the sender and prove that their letter is baseless. Even though you haven’t done anything, we recommend that you hire a lawyer because legal texts are sometimes confusing; one mistake can cost you a lot. Don’t listen to other sellers’ advice, since each case is individual, which means the suggestions in Seller Forums or Facebook groups are meaningless.

Don’t ever ignore the letters sent by other companies or sellers. If it takes too long, the sender won’t wait long and report to Amazon. The thing is, some companies are new in e-commerce and are not skilled enough to control their distribution system. Because of the bad or developing distribution coordination, these companies suffer, since they can’t establish law and order, and their products are sold by sellers who are not authorized to sell them. However, if the company is not new in this area and knows all the secrets and tricks, they won’t wait for too long, and you will face legal actions, and/or have your seller account suspended. And it doesn’t really matter who sent you the letter and for what purpose. You received a case, and that’s all that matters.

Receiving a Cease and Desist letter is always bad news; however, you can deal with it easily. If the letter is baseless, then the case will be easy to solve, and if you made some mistakes, don’t worry! Just hire a good legal attorney and make this work. If you don’t have a lawyer whom you can trust, just know that Got Suspended Clients Amazon appeal service will help you with this!