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Amazon suspension is one of the worst things that could happen to sellers. Therefore, suspended sellers are ready to do their best to reinstate their suspended accounts ASAP.  However, if you do not have enough experience in appealing your reinstatement status,  the process of reinstating your suspended account can turn into a real nightmare. Do not worry, since Got Suspended Clients is going to bring to your attention the main points of how to write a killer Plan of Action which will help you return your selling privileges back.


Try To Figure Out The Root Cause For Your suspension!

Keep in mind that the entire success of your appeal letter depends on a carefully revealed root cause of your account’s deactivation. Once you detect the exact reason for your account’s suspension, the rest of your letter will be structured automatically. 

Do Not Ignore A Suspension Notice From Amazon!


Generally, when sellers receive a notification from Amazon, they get confused since the Seller Performance team provides them with a generic reason for the account’s suspension and wants sellers to detect the exact reason behind their account’s suspension by themselves. Keep in mind that sometimes the process of your suspended account’s reinstatement can last too long. Therefore, most sellers prefer to trust this job to professional reinstatement companies like Got Suspended Clients and get their suspended Amazon seller account reinstated within no time. 


Our professional team is able to reinstate all possible types of Amazon suspension from a Verification to difficult ones such as an Intellectual property violation. You can visit Got Suspended, where you can find different stories of sellers whose accounts have successfully been reinstated due to the efforts of our team, and read different useful blogs which will teach you how to protect your Amazon business. 

Check Your Seller Information

Once you receive a notification from Amazon, do not panic and start acting immediately. First of all, you have to devote a considerable amount of time to check your seller information. It will help you find any errors in your listing or possible shortcomings regarding your customer service. Just go to the “Customer Metrics” section of your seller account and find possible issues. 

Try to Create a Powerful Plan of Action

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind regarding your account’s suspension is that you cannot reinstate your Amazon seller account without having a carefully written Plan of Action. Your appeal letter is the most important part of the process of your account’s reinstatement. Therefore, you have to put all your effort to thoroughly review your account and find all the possible errors, which will help you in writing your appeal letter. Let’s dive deeper and try to figure out the main points that should be included in your appeal letter.

As a rule, your appeal letter must include the following sections:

  • The Root Cause of your account’s suspension
  • Immediate actions that you took right after receiving a notification from Amazon.
  • And Preventative actions, which will help you avoid similar errors in the future.

The Root Cause

We have already mentioned that one of the most important aspects in the process of your suspended account reinstatement is the root cause of your suspension. Keep in mind that it may vary depending on the type of your account’s suspension. For example, if your account is suspended for a drop shipping policy violation, the reason for your account’s suspension can be hidden that one of your customers filed a complaint about receiving the order in non-Amazon packing. Or, if you receive an inauthentic suspension then you should search for the root cause of your suspension in your sully chain. 

Here are the most common reasons which may lead to your account’s suspension.

  • Selling Restricted Products
  • High ODR
  • Doing Traditional Drop Shipping
  • Selling Inauthentic Products
  • Changing Account’s Information

Corrective Actions!

After successfully detecting the root cause for your account’s suspension, you can proceed further toward creating the next section of your appeal letter. Here, you have to show Amazon that you took several steps toward fixing this problem. Keep in mind that the best way to correct your mistake is to show Amazon that you open to changes within your business.


Long-Term Changes!


Of course, you do not want to face an Amazon suspension in the future, therefore, you have to put serious effort in order to prevent it from occurring again. Try to prove to Amazon that you want to improve your business and become an honest seller, who provides solely high-quality customer service on this platform.



Once you complete your appeal letter,  just wait for Amazon’s response. However, time is money and if you do not want to sit on the bench waiting for your turn, then, you should definitely contact  Got Suspended Client’s and we will gladly help you return your selling privileges back within the shortest period of time.