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Scam, “an illegal trick, usually with the purpose of getting money from people”, also known as fraud and swindle. This often happens among Amazon customers, but things are getting out of hand and Amazon sellers experience it firsthand. This is when all of us should move with caution when selling on Amazon.  We at Got Suspended Clients can’t stand Amazon seller scams since they come like a bolt from the blue and affect sellers’ accounts. The last straw was when we had more and more seller accounts suspended due to numerous scams on Amazon. So, we decided to ruin the magic for these scammers and reveal how they take advantage of Amazon sellers.

There are different types of scams, but these three are the most common in this industry. Let’s have a closer look and win this race against scammers and their illegal actions.

  1. Scam number one happens when scammers disguised as customers receive their order, however, state that the product they ordered didn’t arrive. What should a seller do in order to avoid having problems with account metrics? Of course, one should offer a replacement or refund the customer. This can be true; however, many customers want to kill two birds with one stone by ordering one product and receiving another as a form of replacement. What you can do is make your shipments more dynamic and productive by asking for the customer’s signature under the receipt. This will help you identify fraud, if there is any, and dodge an Amazon seller suspension in the meantime.
  2. You’d better prepare those damage-proof stickers, which will prove that your product is flawless and complete. Speaking of scammers, they have another way of getting two products at the same time. Imagine a situation when the “customer” replaces their order with a defective or damaged version, takes photos as proof, and states that the product is not what was expected. What you should do in order to show that you are willing to provide the best customer service is a refund or again, replace the product. You won’t have to do that if you take precautionary steps from the get-go.
  3. We’d like to introduce you to the last type of scam:  Phishing. Victims of this scam are deceived, since someone, pretending to be Amazon, sends an allegedly official e-mail for acquiring information that Amazon would never need. This information includes personal details and everything that can help them steal your funds. If you’re a new seller on Amazon, then you won’t lose a great amount of money. Meanwhile, sellers working long enough on Amazon have funds greater than many thousand dollars, feel the pain now? This is when you literally can’t judge a book by its cover since emails sent by Amazon and its copy are like two peas in a pod and look perfectly normal. Just give them the cold shoulder and move them to the “Bin”, where they belong.

Unfortunately, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Selling on Amazon won’t always be smooth sailing since there are always Amazon seller suspensions, rogue sellers, and scams waiting for you around the corner. Don’t waste your time panicking and worrying about possible hardships. Concentrate on your present, on your customers, and your income. Look before you leap, and read our other blogs to be well informed about Amazon and seller account suspensions.

One Got Suspended Clients blog a day keeps suspensions away! However, in your hour of need, we’re here to succeed, appeal your suspension, and enhance your position in the industry!