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Hello and welcome to Got Suspended Clients!

Today, we’ll be starting our new series called the Science of Root Causes, where we’ll be discussing the main issues behind Amazon seller suspensions.

Our pilot episode will be centered around ASIN Variation Misuse. Grab the popcorn and let’s get started!

Episode 1

When sellers think of Amazon suspensions, they automatically think of a mystery, unsolved puzzles, complicated processes, and tons of unnecessary problems. And honestly, for our appeal service, this is not something new, because all of our clients are always wondering whether they did something wrong or just became a victim of Amazon’s games!

That’s why we’re here, to help you in first of all detecting the issue that triggered your suspension, and secondly, write an ultimate appeal to bring back your account. But before writing the actual appeal letter, every seller should understand why they were suspended, what was wrong about their actions, and what policies they infringed on.

We should be honest: sometimes it’s hard to find the root cause because Amazon itself is a mystery, and just won’t let you get everything from the first time; it’s not that simple here!

Root Cause for ASIN Variation Misuse

Amazon policies can be sometimes complicated, which is why thousands of sellers don’t get them right! Take Amazon’s Variation Policy as an example. It often becomes the reason for ASIN Variation Misuse, and of course, an Amazon accounts suspension!

According to Amazon, “variations are sets of products that are related to one another. Good variation relationship listings allow buyers to compare and choose products based on different attributes such as size, color, or other characteristics from the available options on a single product detail page.” So, if you violate this policy, you’ll deteriorate the situation, and suspend your own account with your own hands! But what is the root cause for that?

Common Seller Mistakes

Yes, we do say that Amazon Seller Performance wants you to be transparent, honest and candid. But that doesn’t mean that you should show all your cards! This is because Amazon will otherwise decide that your actions are amateurish and unprofessional; don’t let them think like that, especially when you are a true professional!

What You Should Really Say

In case you didn’t know, Amazon is obsessed with its policies. So, everything should be built around them! What you should really mention is that you, as an Amazon seller, are aware of the ASIN Variation policies, but somehow didn’t succeed in understanding them.

Show Amazon that before creating a listing, you investigated Amazon’s policies, and created them according to your perception of the above-mentioned policies. What’s more, you should also demonstrate the knowledge that you have in this area. Let Amazon know that you have mastery over your Amazon business. Throw in a bunch of definitions in there!

Include the root cause right after the “intro” part, because Amazon’s Seller Performance Team doesn’t have too much time for your appeal! So, keep in mind that you should be straight to the point, honest and precise; that’s what Amazon wants! If you’ve been suspended, and are afraid of making the situation even worse, contact our Amazon reinstatement service, because we know the way out and we’re there to take you along the ride!