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We weren’t born yesterday and all of us know that everyone desires to sell on Amazon because of the big profits. If you are a seller on Amazon, then you have already met Seller Central and know how it works. But if you’re not, you might have tones of questions in your mind. Seller Central is where it all happens. From Amazon account suspensions to reinstatements, to pretty much everything. It’s where you sell, where you sort out shipments. It’s basically the space ship under your control. It will be all Greek to you at first, but after entering this Got Suspended blog, you’ll come out fresh and already professionalized. Now, let’s put you in the picture and show the true colors of Amazon Seller Central.

You have probably heard about Amazon Seller and Vendor Centrals which many new sellers often confuse. To dispel the confusion here’s the difference between these two:

  • Amazon Seller Central is designed for everyone selling on Amazon. It is more flexible, requires more fees, and you become relatively independent with the pricing. On the other hand, there are fewer sell potentials, less marketing opportunities.
  • Amazon Vendor Central is mostly for manufacturers who want to sell on Amazon. It has higher sales potential, access to exclusive Amazon programs, support, and returns taken care of by Amazon. This seems too good to be true, huh? Unfortunately, this also has disadvantages. The other side of the coin when it comes to choosing Vendor Central is that Amazon will have more power over you and your business by determining the price.

After weighing the pros and cons, each seller chooses one of these options. But don’t jump to conclusions, understand which is more suitable for you and calculate profits, as you should benefit from selling at all costs. Let’s imagine you chose Seller Central. If you go for it, you’d better start your business early since there is a toe-to-toe competition. Here you can start with an individual or a professional account, and yes, you should again choose. A professional account demands monthly, referral and variable closing fees, meanwhile an individual account requires only the last two.

Amazon Seller Central help page has many features that can give you a helping hand when you are confused. These are also very helpful when it comes to Amazon account reinstatements if you’re unlucky enough to have your Amazon account suspended. For example, if you don’t know how to deal with customer returns, there is enough content for you to understand the principles and main points of the question.

To register as a seller, Amazon requires the following documentation:

  • Seller’s name
  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Bank account information
  • Contact details
  • “Shop From” location and information on the region you’re going to ship to.

Unfortunately, every Amazon account is at risk of getting suspended. We have loads of articles about different suspensions, their causes, and how to have Amazon accounts reinstatement. If you Got Suspended, you should definitely read our articles on the Got Suspended website which will help you throughout this mind-numbing process. If you can’t figure out the reason and can’t write the Plan of Actions, our Got Suspended team will be happy to help you with your Amazon account reinstatement.

Start your selling career and make a killing on Amazon with our blogs walking right next to you. Here’s to new beginnings! And remember, if you need Amazon account help, Got Suspended is only a click away!