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If you are the type of Amazon seller who’s been around the block more than once, you may probably know that the continuation or complete deactivation of your Amazon account depends on your carefully-drafted appeal letter.

Have you ever asked yourself who is going to read your appeal letter and what they want to see in it?  Who owns the information that owns the world? We at Got Suspended Clients have prepared several tips on how you can write your apple letter and avoid all the bad repercussions within your business.

The Seller Performance Team

Meet this team with whom you are going to work on your suspension. And solely from whom depends whether your account will be reinstated or not. Therefore, you should try to do your best in writing a really good appeal letter which will not leave the team indifferent. First of all, keep in mind that a detailed Plan of Action does not mean that you have to write a novel about your suspension. All you need is just to concentrate on the most important aspects which have been done within your suspension. Generally, a professionally-written Plan of Action consists of four main sections:

  • Introduction: Who are you and what is going on?
  • The Root Cause: What is the reason behind your suspension?
  • Corrective Actions: What have you done to fix this issue?
  • Long Term Changes: What are you going to do in order to prevent a suspension in the future?

Keep in mind that when writing an appeal letter, the devil is in the details. You do not have to overload Amazon with unnecessarily information; just try to concentrate on the main topic and give them what they want.

Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Bezos’s Door

If you have failed in finding a common language with the Seller Performance Team, then it’s time to get some heavy artillery. For that, you are going to write to Jeff Bezos himself, more precisely to his escalation team. As a rule, this team conducts a more detailed review of your suspension and comes up with detailed information on your unique case. Keep in mind that it can take more time to get an answer from them, so you should arm yourself with patience and wait.

About Cover Letters

You may probably not know that if you are dealing with Bezos’s escalation team, you have to accompany your Plan of Action with a carefully-written Cover Letter. It is a legal letter which should include detailed information on your suspension. As a rule, this kind of legal letter should be written by professional reinstatement companies like us at Got Suspended Clients. You do not want to miss your last boat by writing a nonprofessional Cover Letter to someone who thrives on efficiency. And we’re not about to let that happen either.

We at Got Suspended Clients are always ready to assist you in writing both your Plan of Action and Cover Letter (if need be). All you need to do, is book a call with us today and get things going!