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Amazon, sweet Amazon. A place to start your business, to grow and develop. Ideally, this is how it works; unfortunately, we all know “in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.” When making headway, there are only a few sellers that are fully educated on Amazon policies and requirements, which means that many of us are oblivious towards its main wants and needs. Lack of information leads to world-famous Amazon suspensions, and now it’s the perfect time to educate yourself and finally be out of the woods.

Inauthentic suspension is Amazon’s favorite: therefore, many sellers are suspended and left with seemingly no specific reason. The only two things that sellers may have are a suspended account and a somewhat vague Amazon notification.

The problem is that Amazon’s policies are never enough. There are plenty of factors that should be taken into account, because Amazon sometimes doesn’t show the whole picture.
But honestly, what are the reasons for inauthentic suspension?

Many sellers do sell genuine and authentic products, but they know little about what Amazon considers to be authentic. Of course, one could source his or her (by the way authentic) products from online retail stores, but wait! Authentic isn’t an antonym to fake; in reality Amazon just wants you to work with trustworthy and reliable distributors to make customers’ shopping experience safe and sound! Finally, after revealing Amazon’s intentions, it becomes crystal clear that it wants to monitor your supply chain.

Another thing that could happen is fake inauthentic complaint. At first, you’d wonder what is a baseless complaint for? But looking from another perspective makes it as clear as day. Even though the seller tries to do everything by the book, his competitors and customers may file complaints by putting his reputation on the line. The reason for this can be the result of toe-to-toe competition and even the desire to have free shipping or simply a refund.

In order to stay away from Amazon’s inauthentic suspension (it is a real pain in the neck), it’s a good idea to work with authorized distributors off the bat. It would be even better to establish relationships with the brands themselves because this way no discrepancy will occur. Don’t throw away your invoices, this might be needed for a rainy day. Make sure you properly package your inventory before sending it to the future owner. In one word, follow Amazon’s policies and try to infer what Amazon wanted to say somewhere between the lines!

We are here for the sellers who Got Suspended! We know how vague and scary everything may seem, but don’t push the panic button!  In case you need a professional help, contact us and together we will save the day!