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No invention has been put into force until it is properly tested. Even the most genius thing cannot be used or consumed without being inspected and properly tested first. So do we at Got Suspended Clients; as an Amazon suspension appeal service, we constantly advise our clients to never stop examining their products, to make sure that the product they are offering is the best of its kind, will have high demand, and will meet Amazon’s requirements and therefore, surely keep you away from Amazon seller suspensions.  Quality is everything for Amazon; think twice before offering low-quality products to Amazon customers, who are your main source of income.

If you have already done your research, choosing the products you want to sell, then you should properly test it; once your product is defective, Amazon customers will give you negative feedback, and Amazon will stab you in back, and in the front, by suspending your account.

Verify Your Partners

Have a look at the List of Accredited Laboratories by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), where you will properly check your partners and make sure they are doing everything by the book; more precisely, that they meet all the procedural and technical standards.

Find Similar Products on Amazon

If you still don’t know what the faults and flaws of a certain product are, find them on Amazon. Read the reviews, feedbacks, and other comments from customers and you will find out the top issues. It’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others, and use them to your advantage! Communicate with your laboratory partners and make sure all issues are properly covered. Together with your factory, create a sample, which is not likely to be the best version of your product; just don’t give up and continue your work!

Return to Your Laboratory Partners

Yes, before launching your product on Amazon, you should return to your laboratory partners numerous times, because this is what it takes to be an Amazon seller who doesn’t want to get suspended. Send your developed sample to their centers for examination. In case of any defects, you should start from square one and fix the issue. If there is no point in starting everything from scratch, move on to the next step.

Make A Third Party Examine Your Product

When everything is ready for the inspection, let the examiners pick and choose the product. This way it will not only be objective but will also show the quality of your products. This is a vital step before initiating products on Amazon, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Document It!

Amazon can get your seller account suspended or even remove your product ASINs due to safety concerns. If you have inspected your product and everything is totally fine, you should have it documented! If you start your selling career without proper documentation, you will most likely have some problems with Amazon, because in that case, you will infringe upon Amazon’s safety and compliance requirements.

When everything is properly handled, make sure you make your products undergo a quality test, about which our appeal service has a blog right here. Selling on Amazon is a thrilling experience; however, not meeting its requirements will provoke Amazon and leave you with a suspended account. If you Got Suspended Clients due to negative feedback and other types of suspensions, Got Suspended Clients will help you reinstate your Amazon seller account, along with educating you on ways to avoid further mistakes! There are many Amazon appeal services out there, make sure you choose the right one!