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While many sellers around the world are turning the situation with COVID-19 to their advantage and make good money selling overpriced goods, those who are running their business on Amazon stay on the sidelines. All because the kind wizard of Amazon wants to be the best for everyone, at all times. Not all kind wizards are kind at all times, and this Got Suspended Clients blog explains why.

Amazon has strict requirements concerning the prices of essential products, such as masks, sanitizers, soaps, and other in-demand products. By in-demand, we mean products that people are rushing to buy during pandemics or other natural disasters.

Nevertheless, Amazon itself was recently sued for price gouging. What is unclear is whether Amazon itself systematically engaged in price gouging, or was too slow in tackling sellers who gouged the prices on essential products. We know for sure is that reputation is in the first place for Amazon and it is working hard at keeping prices low. What we are even more sure about, is that anyone who engages in price gouging, have their seller accounts suspended.

Sometimes, people are not being inconsiderate and price gouging happens because a repricer software malfunctions, OR the cost of producing specific products rise, and the price skyrockets. Nevertheless, even these sellers will be hit with Amazon account suspensions.

If this happens to you, let’s stay calm and see what you can if Amazon sends you a price warning notification. First of all, do not delay with replying, since you are given only 24 hours for resolving the issue; otherwise, your seller account will be suspended, thanks to a fair price policy violation. If you fail to respond within that timeframe, Amazon will give you the cold shoulder.

As a rule, the Fair Price Policy warning comes along with a self-resolving appeal process.

Amazon provides you with four checkboxes and asks you to admit that you clearly understand Amazon’s policies by changing the price on your listings. Try to show Amazon that you comply with its policies; otherwise, you risk having your seller account suspended. By checking these boxes, you will be provided with two responses either about your listing’s reinstatement or requesting additional information.

Since no one likes getting suspended for any reason, it is better to prevent all the issues which can lead to your Amazon account suspension.

How to Prevent Fair Price Policy Violation

  • It is better to abandon selling essential products during a pandemic since it is very hard to compete with low prices.
  • Do not change prices on your listing; it leads to suspension immediately.
  • Do not ignore any notification from Amazon; Amazon gives the seller limited time on solving the issue.

Suspensions can be pretty scary at first, but our team at Got Suspended Clients recommends that you keep a clear mind and not take any steps in the heat of the moment. It is better to receive a consultation from professionals in the Amazon reinstatement sphere, such as Got Suspended Clients. Thanks to years of experience, we can help you find loopholes in any situation with your suspension, all while playing by Amazon’s rules. We are working in a collaborative environment by helping each other in detecting the root cause of your unique issue. Feel free to contact us, and we will handle your account suspension with sheer professionalism.