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Are you an Amazon seller who recently experienced an account suspension and doesn’t know how to return their selling privileges back?

Don’t worry! In this blog, we are going to bring to your attention the most common mistakes that sellers can face while appealing the suspension of their Amazon account and how to avoid them. The most common reason for most accounts’ suspensions is poor communication. Therefore, it is so important to communicate with Amazon, tell them the reason for the suspension, and then inform them about what you’re trying to change. Keep all the emails short, polite, and to the point.

Another common mistake is attaching all the information in one email instead of creating separate emails for each topic. Amazon needs to easily evaluate your appeal and if you send too much information it could be difficult for them to process. Responding too late is also a mistake some sellers do.

It is important to try to respond to any communication that Amazon has sent to you within 24-48 hours. Doing this ensures they know that you are actively taking steps to resolve the issue. Include negative feedback or customer complaints in your appeal. Amazon might take this as an admission of guilt, so it’s better not to include those in your appeal. When writing to Amazon explain your process in detail, but do not include too much irrelevant information.

Be aware of the policies and reasons why your account got suspended, then provide concrete steps you’re going to take to fix this. Another mistake is not actively monitoring your appeal. Make sure to monitor your appeal process and be aware of where it is.

The key is to be proactive. Amazon is likely to take time in reviewing your appeals so make sure to be patient. Take each suspension on a case-by-case basis and avoid responding immediately to Amazon. Think your steps through and come up with a good plan of action.

In conclusion, make sure to communicate with Amazon effectively so that they understand your appeal, try to provide as much relevant information in your appeal letter as possible, and make sure to actively monitor your appeal. If you avoid these common mistakes, you’ll be on your way to getting your Amazon account back in no time.

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