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As you know, Jewelry products are restricted by Amazon since it has strict requirements for selling jewelry on its platform. Requirements that, if ignored, can lead to Amazon seller suspensions.

Don’t worry, we at Got Suspended Clients are going to introduce you to the main scrupulous aspects of this dazzling business so you can proceed with selling jewelry safely and without worrying about having your seller account suspended.

How to Sell Jewelry on Amazon

It’s general knowledge that Amazon considers customer satisfaction as the cherry on top of its customer-friendly platform. And of course, Amazon ensures that all the rules are covered in a proper way. First of all, all jewelry products, which are sold on Amazon are genuine and high-quality. According to Amazon rules, newcomers are not allowed to sell jewelry on their platform. If by any chance you are a newcomer, and list jewelry, you will be hit with an Amazon seller suspension.

So, How Can You Sell Jewelry Without Getting Suspended?

You must have at least a year of selling experience on Amazon with a revenue of $50,000 on just on Amazon’s platform. Be careful when it comes to your account health, and do your best in keeping it in excellent condition before applying to sell Jewelry. Those sellers whose defect rate is above 1%, the cancellation rate is more than 2,5%, and late shipment rate is above 4% are in the red since they will not only lose their chance to sell Jewelry on Amazon but also get a bunch of issues which will lead to your Amazon account suspension and a visit to the friendly neighborhood Amazon appeal service, Got Suspended Clients!

Let’s Jumpstart This Ship!

As we have mentioned above, only approved sellers are allowed to sell jewelry on Amazon. You can easily request for approval from your seller account. Keep in mind that those sellers who apply for selling jewelry on Amazon have to pay a non-refundable application fee of $5.000. Pricey, right? Well, you are selling jewelry!

As soon as Amazon approves your request, you can start the diamond journey on Amazon.

What Amazon Wants

Just like the case with adult products which you can read about here, Amazon requirements concerning jewelry quality assurance standards are very rigorous. If you do not meet any of them, you are risking a suspension.

Here are the requirements for selling jewelry without getting suspended:

  • Avoid any complaints concerning your product. Try to be as detailed as possible, and be careful in your listing descriptions.
  • Treat your products properly. Try to figure out the difference between fine jewelry and fashion. Fashion jewelry does not contain precious or semi-precious stones or semi-precious metals. You need to tell the diamond from the coal!
  • All your jewelry products must be authentic and should do not violate trademark rights. If you are the owner of a trademark brand, you should register it in Amazon’s Brand Registry program.
  • All your jewelry items should be new and genuine since Amazon does not allow selling vintage or pre-owned jewelry. Nope, you can’t sell Heart of Ocean on Amazon, because it will sink your ship for sure!
  • By selling jewelry products on Amazon, you have to meet all rules and regulations, such as Jewelry Quality Standards, Federal Trading Commission guidelines, and Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines.

So far, so good?

By deciding to sell Jewelry products on Amazon, you should be ready for the fact that you will be double-checked by Amazon. Even a small mistake can be crucial for your business. You are risking a suspension and the loss of your selling privileges.

Got Suspended Clients Amazon suspension appeal service is open to help you 24/7 in case you get in deep suspension waters by selling jewelry. We often come across these issues and know how to find loopholes (legal ones!) for your Amazon suspension reinstatement in a short period of time.

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