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As an Amazon seller, it can be tough to stay on top of Amazon’s strict rules and regulations – after all, relying on Amazon for a large chunk of your sales and revenue is one of the riskiest moves you can make for your online business. Amazon’s suspension policies are incredibly restrictive and violating those policies can lead to the suspension of your account.

To help you restore your Amazon account following a suspension, here is an essential checklist that will ensure you have all the resources required for a successful reinstatement:

1. Compile a Comprehensive Suspension Notice. Before beginning the process of reinstatement, you must understand your suspension notice in full detail. It is important to understand exactly why your account was suspended, and what steps Amazon requires you to take in order to get your account reinstated.

2. Create Presentable Documentation. The Amazon team requires you to submit a detailed reinstatement letter that outlines their violation, the corrective measures taken, and how you will ensure compliance going forward. It is essential that your document is professional, organized, and comprehensive in order to prove your commitment to Amazon’s policies.

3. Re-establish Arsenal for Compliance. After your suspension, it is essential that you re-establish your arsenal for compliance, including the policies and procedures you must follow for success. Re-familiarizing yourself with the Amazon seller’s policies will help to reduce the risk of further suspensions.

4. Re-evaluate Your Selling Strategies. Take this time to review and make changes to your selling strategies. Make use of account analysis tools such as software to make sure that you have the most updated information available to you.

5. Re-align with the Amazon Team. It is important that you reach out to the Amazon team throughout the process of reinstatement in order to demonstrate your commitment to Amazon’s policies.

Keep in contact with the team, and let them know that you are devoted to their success. We have presented the most essential steps to successful Amazon reinstatement. Following these guidelines will ensure that you stay compliant and reduce the risk of future suspensions.

Your Amazon or Walmart account suspension can be a huge obstacle to your success as an online seller. But with our professional reinstatement service, you can overcome this challenge and get back to selling in no time. Book for a FREE consultation now and let us help you protect your company and restore your business!

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