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At Got Suspended Clients, we’re working day and night to provide superior Amazon appeal services for sellers like you. Yes, we do practically everything if you’re having problems with Amazon account suspensions, and we’re ready to help! Do you want to know more? No problem! Here at Got Suspended Clients, we even predict the future, which is why you can be ready for suspensions in advance, and that’s not the end! We will predict the future, find all the possible ways you can get suspended and help you reinstate your selling accounts. And sometimes, we can even change the future by knowing what we know now.

Excited? Then let’s take a look at Amazon’s future and see what can happen!

As you already know, Amazon will sooner or later launch its video screening program. Let us warn you, video calls will not only be a part of Amazon account formation, but will also work during Verification Suspensions!  So get ready to welcome video screenings; they will eventually become either your friend or your enemy!

Plus, we’re so used to apps like Zoom and Skype nowadays, that an issue like this shouldn’t be as problematic.

Future Suspensions Break the Ground!

Until now, we knew about inauthentic, intellectual property, verification, ODR suspensions, and others. But what if this list is wider than we think? That’s why Got Suspended Clients specialists use the time machine and explore the avenues of future Amazon, and guess what? We have news for you!

Amazon already took all the measures to participate in account formation, and that will affect everyone in the future! Some sellers will start playing above the law, and of course, get suspended. This is about rogue sellers, who don’t want to obey and listen; they just want to sell regardless of what Amazon’s rules are will be!

You Won’t Get A Second Chance!

We have seen many sellers who gave up on their dreams of reinstating their account, and chose to open a new one. If you’ve been reading our blogs about suspensions, you should already know that Amazon will catch you and suspend your newly formed account again, if you’re not careful. But what will happen if you create your second account with the help of Amazon representatives via video call? Obviously, Amazon employees will check their seller data, find you and your suspended account, and stop you from opening another one; which means they will probably block you…permanently.

Behind Every Mask There is a Face!

You’re allowed to have friends, have fun with your family and cooperate with colleagues, but you are NOT allowed to ask them for a favor, that is to open an account for you. Let us explain: as you already understood, suspended sellers won’t be able to open a new account; once suspended, always suspended! That’s why future Amazon sellers will ask their friends to open an account and give it to them. But let us tell you one thing, we saw everything that Amazon will do to its sellers, and believe us, Amazon will again suspend them! How? We don’t know! We just know that Amazon’s software will do anything to eliminate rogue sellers. Our advice is simply this: don’t become one!

What If You Really Need to Change Your Info?

Here’s another problem which still remains unsolved! Who knows what Amazon has on its mind? Maybe you’ll have to call Amazon and notify them about amendments on your account, just like you’re supposed to do now, or perhaps Amazon will develop a completely new strategy? Let’s be patient and see what awaits all of us! And trust us, we will notify you as soon as we have the info on our end!  

We don’t know the name of the new suspension that will eventually take place, but sooner or later it will be clear for us! We only know that sellers won’t have a chance to open a new account, even if it’s opened by a completely different person. So please, for the sake of safe business operations, don’t infringe Amazon’s policies. And also, if you want to change your info, read Amazon’s policies first, otherwise you’ll become a member of Amazon suspension club…

Just kidding, we’ll reinstate you! We know that all of this just sounds like some terrible dystopian future. But with Got Suspended Clients on your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing. As for the second account issue, have you heard of Multimarket Isolation? No? Then, it’s time to give us a call!