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At Walmart, we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. We are aware that if we truly want to break down barriers and create an environment of acceptance for all our customers and employees, we must prioritize diverse voices. That’s why our approach to diversity and inclusion is built into our business model.

We strive to make the Walmart Marketplace an inclusive, fair, and equitable place for everyone, whether it’s our suppliers, customers, or employees. From creating a more representative diversity in our workforce to offering more role models to strengthen understanding among our team members, we are consistently looking at ways to promote diversity and inclusion. We also are committed to ensuring our marketplace is offering meaningful opportunities and resources to meet the needs of all our customers regardless of background.

We also attempt to create a safe and supportive environment when it comes to protecting our employees and customers from discrimination. Our anti-discrimination policy works to ensure that we accomplish this mission. Due to this policy, we can focus on creating an environment where everyone has the same opportunities to succeed and to be part of our Marketplace culture.

We are always on the lookout for creative and innovative ways to bring meaningful change to the Walmart Marketplace. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is more than just talk — it’s our commitment to creating a better world for everyone!

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