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They say “first impressions never have a second chance.” A rule that applies not only when you are meeting people in person, but also in other spheres of your life. The same goes when you are writing your first Plan of Action for Amazon in order to reinstate your selling privileges. That’s because if your first appeal letter is not successful, it means that other Plans of Actions you send will be reviewed by completely different people, and they also consider the decision made by previous staff members.

Therefore, as a first-time suspended seller, you have to put all your efforts in order to come up with a carefully drafted, professional Plan of Action which will convince the members of the Seller Performance team to reinstate your Amazon account immediately. But, unfortunately, the biggest part of sellers who face Amazon suspensions are quick to implement any possible action in order to reinstate their accounts, thereby, make things worse by adding fuel to the fire. That’s why we at Got Suspended Clients have prepared a full guidance on writing a professional Plan of Action from scratch.

Generally, a carefully written Plan of Action should consist of four main sections:

  • Introduction
  • The Root Cause
  • Immediate Actions
  • Long-Term Changes


If you want to make a good impression on Amazon from the first shot, then you should assume more responsibility to come up with a good Plan of Action. By starting your letter, you should not tell Amazon your entire life; keep in mind that the one who is going to read your appeal letter is not interested in where you were born, how many children you have, and the name of your lovely pet!  All you need to do is briefly introduce yourself and include the name of your store. Believe us, that will be enough!

The Root Cause

In the second part of your Plan of Action you should show Amazon that you have detected the root cause of your suspension, and take full responsibility for this error. It does not matter whether it is your fault or not, you should not blame your customers or even worse, Amazon! Just admit it and go ahead.

Immediate Actions

Here, your main job is to show Amazon that you are worrying about current situation, therefore, you have implemented several actions after finding out about suspension. You can mention that you put your Amazon account on Vacation mode, until the problem will be fully solved. Generally, each type of suspension is very unique, thus, in some cases you can mention that you have deleted all the problematic ASINs, and cut your relationship with your previous suppliers. Show Amazon that you are concerned about this issue. You can check out this blog for more info!

Long-Term Changes

In the final part of your Plan of Action, you should tell Amazon about your future plans. Again, don’t include information about your upcoming vacation, or about the party going ahead. Talk solely about changes in your business. Maybe you want to change your business model, or start working with completely different suppliers; just concentrate on positive changes within your Amazon business.

As you can see, writing Plan of Action is a very tricky process, and has to be addressed in a professional way. You can make very serious mistakes, especially if you do not have enough experience. And this may have a negative impact on your entire operation. But, if you want to impress Amazon with your first Appeal letter and make an unforgettable impression on them, Got Suspended Clients is here to help you.

Reach out to our professional reinstatement team, and we will help you write a professional appeal letter which will definitely get your selling privileges reinstated!