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Success on Amazon doesn’t just happen. In most cases, it requires tons of effort on the sellers’ part in order to meet all of Amazon’s standards and procedures. Reinstatement in its turn can be tough, but it is possible.

Here are some proactive measures sellers should take to increase the likelihood of successful reinstatement:

1. Monitor your reviews: Take regular and proactive measures to keep your positive reviews up and your negative reviews down. Follow up with customers who have expressed dissatisfaction and consider responding to their reviews on the product page.

2. Pay attention to Amazon restrictions: Understand Amazon’s terms and policies, as well as any restrictions placed on your account. Pay attention to any changes or updates to those restrictions and comply accordingly.

3. Watch for policy updates: While sellers have had plenty of time to get to grips with Amazon policies, they change and evolve with time. Familiarize yourself with any recent announcements or alerts and review them often so you can respond quickly.

4. Document your process: Create a comprehensive record of all the steps you take prior to and during reinstatement to ensure that you’re in compliance and are prepared if Amazon conducts an audit.

5. Take advantage of Amazon’s resources: Amazon provides plenty of helpful information, such as business resources and reinstatement tools. Make sure you take advantage of them and follow the steps required to successfully reinstate your account.

The key to successful Amazon reinstatement is to be proactive. Take measures that show Amazon you’re aware of the policies, understand the reasons for your suspension, comply with the rules, and demonstrate that you’re devoted to the success of your account.

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