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5 Main Risks of Selling on Amazon

You’ve Got to Be In It To Win It! 

If you are reading this blog, you may probably want to learn how to run a high-grossing business on Amazon, bypassing all the risks. Over the years, Got Suspended Clients has made a reputation as a transparent company, which takes care of its clients like they’re family.

With this blog, however, we’re going to go a bit off track. We’re not much for sensationalism, but we think it’s a good idea to let our clients know that selling on Amazon can sometimes be very risky. That’s because there are lots of hidden traps which may become a barrier for your business. We at Got Suspended Clients team have prepared a series of tips, which will make you immune from various problems. But first, let’s go through the list of the main risk of selling on Amazon:

It’s Your Money, But It Stays with Us!

There are no doubts that Amazon is a good chance to hit the jackpot, but keep in mind that you can get your money only 14 days after selling a product (though this period may be cut in half later on). Another bad news is that you cannot receive the whole sum from your deposits, since part of your earnings will be kept by Amazon as an unavailable balance. Or if your account gets an Amazon suspension, your funds can be held by Amazon for nearly three months.

Even Amazon Has Skeletons in the Closet

The hidden costs are one of the most unpleasant aspects of selling on Amazon. Plus, there are lots of fees such as referral fees and closing fees which you have to consider. Moreover, if you are doing FBA, you can face additional fees such as long-term storage costs for when Amazon warehouses are to hold your products for a long period of time.

You Can Go Wrong with Your Suppliers

If you are a new seller on Amazon, you can easily meet fraud suppliers along your way, who will sell you inauthentic products. Once you add these products to your store, you can say goodbye to the peaceful operation on Amazon, since you risk facing different problems in your Amazon business, from suspensions to serious legal issues.

Suspensions! Speak of the Devil!

One of the worst risks of running a business on Amazon is getting hit with a suspension. You can even get suspended for no reason, and sometimes it can cost you a megaton of effort to reinstate your selling privileges. And as we have mentioned before, in most cases, your funds will be held by Amazon until your account’s full reinstatement.

Fortunately, with Got Suspended Clients you don’t need to worry about your account’s suspension since we can handle the entire process of your account’s reinstatement, from the get-go. So, if one day you wake up to a suspension email from Amazon, you can be sure that Got Suspended Clients will return both your selling privileges and unfreeze your funds ASAP.

This is just the icing on the cake when it comes to the risks of selling on Amazon. In the second part of this blog, you will find more useful information on how to sell on Amazon without getting Amazon suspension. Trust us, running a business on this platform is worthwhile if everything is set up correctly!