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Here we are, at Got Suspended Clients, ready to bring to your attention all of the pros and cons of selling on Amazon. We have started our talk in the first part of this blog, by bringing to your attention the most common problems that you can face when you are selling on Amazon. Today, we are going to tip Amazon’s hands and tell you more secrets concerning this platform.

Everything is Complicated with Amazon

Of course, if you are a beginner, everything may seem a little bit complicated for you. That’s because once you enter this market, you face a flow of information and tons of duties that you have to somehow figure out. Among them: Finding the right products, creating trustworthy relationships with your suppliers, handling the entire process of shipping, and doing your best in order to satisfy your customers. Fortunately, there are several options, that can help you simplify and expedite these processes. For example, you can become a member of the FBA program and take the advantages provided by Amazon. In this case, you free yourself from responsibilities such as storing, packing and shipping your products. That’s because Amazon takes full responsibility for these actions; additionally, providing your customers with excellent customer service. Read this blog, and you will learn more about Amazon FBA.

Amazon Gives You a Helping Hand!

Fortunately, there are lots of videos and written information, which will help you master the process of operation on Amazon.  In this case, you will have more knowledge in this sphere and can operate on Amazon more confidently. Or, you can use services such as Got Suspended Clients which will help you run your Amazon business more professionally, and thus turn a good profit from it! 

 International Market

By selling on Amazon, you are provided with a unique opportunity to expand your offerings in different marketplaces all over the world. In this case, you can go over your local market and gain the attention of customers from different corners of the world. 

High Sales

When you are selling on Amazon, and doing everything by the book, you have a unique chance to make a good profit from it. All you need to do is to follow Amazon’s requirements and you will not face any problems within your operation. There are thousands of examples of people who have succeeded by selling on Amazon; follow their example and positive results will not be long in coming. Just make sure you understand that if someone’s strategies worked on Amazon, it does not mean you can work the same way and get the same results. There are a lot of nuances to Amazon than meets the eye.

About Credibility

Amazon is a trusted platform which has a positive reputation. And you, as an Amazon seller, have to do your best to comply with all the Amazon’s requirements. Once you step back, and make even a minor mistake, Amazon will immediately start taking actions against you. This is where suspensions come in!


There are no doubts that you can turn a good profit by running a business on Amazon. However, at the same time you should prepare yourself for the fact that you can face fees. For example, Amazon will charge you storage and fulfillment fees if you operate under the FBA model.

As we can see, there are both pros and cons when you are selling on Amazon. But one thing is true. If you really want to build a profitable and safe business on Amazon, you should pull all your efforts, and devote a considerable amount of time to your business development. Additionally, if you face any issues within your operation on Amazon, Got Suspended Clients’ will always help you solve problems concerning your safe operation on Amazon. Give us a call, and you can be sure that your business is in safe hands. You can find more information about our services, by visiting our website.