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Welcome Amazon sellers!

Wishing to reinstate your suspended selling privileges and get back to doing business on Amazon? That’s great because the process to reinstate is simpler than you may believe.  We’ve broken it down into a quick 4-step guide so you can get back to selling quickly.

Let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Identify and address the causes of suspension. First and foremost, you need to understand why Amazon suspended your account. Amazon provides an email explaining the reason behind it. Although suspensions can be due to a range of reasons, the most common ones being late shipments, incorrect pricing, intellectual property violations, and other policy violations.

Step 2: Draft a detailed plan for reinstatement. You’ll need to provide a plan of action to convince Amazon that the problems that caused your suspension have been solved and that your account is ready to function again. Your plan should include actionable steps detailing how you corrected errors, improved procedures, and enhanced your supply chain.

Step 3: Submit the plan of action to Amazon. Once your plan is complete and you feel confident you’ve covered all potential issues, reach out to Amazon with your plan of action. Be sure to use relevant subject lines and other email etiquette.

Step 4: Follow up with Amazon. Your plan will not be approved instantly, and you should expect some back-and-forth emails with Amazon until a resolution is made. You can expect emails within 1-5 business days. Keep Amazon informed of your progress and regularly check the status of your account. And there you have it!

That’s all you need to know about the reinstatement process for Amazon sellers. Doing business on Amazon doesn’t have to be stressful, so don’t despair if your account is suspended. 💪

Be proactive and follow this quick 4-step guide and you will be back to selling again in no time.

Your Amazon or Walmart account suspension can be a huge obstacle to your success as an online seller. But with our professional reinstatement service, you can overcome this challenge and get back to selling in no time. Book for a FREE consultation now and let us help you protect your company and restore your business!

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