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Ahh, Amazon suspensions. We’ve all had to endure them at one point or another in our careers as sellers. It’s an important part of successfully doing business on Amazon, one that requires us to be hyper-aware of the rules and regulations we must abide by in order to ensure our operations run smoothly and our customers have a satisfactory experience.

That being said, we could all use a refresher on the best practices for avoiding suspensions and keeping our operations safe. Follow these top 10 tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful Amazon business!

1. Use the actual product name in the listing title. Don’t use the “Manufacturer Part Number” for instance.

2. Follow Amazon’s image guidelines. Make sure that each image includes the actual product, is above 500 pixels, and doesn’t contain any text or logos.

3. Don’t over-inflate your product’s features and benefits. Make sure your product description is clear, concise, and accurate.

4. Make sure to always read Amazon’s policies and regulations. They update them frequently, so make sure to keep up to date.

5. Respond to any customer inquiries quickly and professionally. Make all customers feel heard and understood.

6. Avoid promising any excessive delivery times. Use Amazon’s estimated delivery window as your guide.

7. Track your sales and review all customer feedback regularly. Address any issues quickly and appropriately.

8. If a dispute arises, act as quickly as possible to resolve it. Be sure to always consider the customer’s satisfaction.

9. Don’t ship any restricted items. Research any items you carry and make sure they are compliant with Amazon’s policies.

10. Be sure to always file any invoices and paperwork accurately and on time. By following these top 10 tips, you’ll make sure that your Amazon business is compliant and stays in good standing. Avoiding Amazon suspensions becomes easy and stress-free when you take proper precautions.

Your Amazon or Walmart account suspension can be a nightmare for your business, but we can help you wake up from it. Our professional reinstatement service can help you overcome this challenge and rebuild your brand successfully. Schedule a FREE consultation today and let us assist you in getting back to selling on these platforms!

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