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No one wants to get hit with a dreaded account suspension by Amazon. It is devastating to any business that relies on Amazon as its primary sales channel. Fortunately, you can force a suspension to preserve the long-term health of the account and the entire business. And, if you have been suspended and wish to have your account reinstated, your Amazon reinstatement request must include certain key evidence and information.

The key to a successful reinstatement request is the preparation and inclusion of the right information. Here are the top 3 things to include in your Amazon reinstatement request:

1. State the Reason Why This Happened: A good Amazon reinstatement request must provide the reasons why the suspension occurred. Amazon expects suspended sellers to fully address the reasons behind their suspension. By outlining the steps taken to address the root cause, you demonstrate that you have acknowledged the issues and taken meaningful action to prevent them from recurring.

2. Show Your Commitment to Amazon Rule Violations: Amazon requires sellers to demonstrate their commitment to following its rules. In your Amazon reinstatement request, make sure to detail every corrective action taken to adhere to Amazon’s policies. This could include any changes your team has made to the company’s operational systems and processes, customer support, or product catalog.

3. Explain Your Plan to Maintain Compliance: Amazon expects sellers to provide a full explanation of their plan for remaining in compliance with their policies. The plan should include detailed steps explaining how it will address any issues that led to the suspension. This can include clear communication with your team and customers, increased customer service, improved customer service metrics, and the development of a quality control process to ensure that all products meet Amazon’s standards.

By including all the above information in your Amazon reinstatement request, you give yourself the best chance of restoring your account. Don’t just explain the issue – commit to staying compliant and include the measures in place to maintain compliance.

Your Amazon or Walmart account suspension can be a huge obstacle to your success as an online seller. But with our professional reinstatement service, you can overcome this challenge and get back to selling in no time. Book for a FREE consultation now and let us help you protect your company and restore your business!

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