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When selling on Amazon, you may encounter an unexpected suspension or account closure. This can be a stressful experience for even the most experienced seller. Understanding the reasons for a suspension and the criteria to reinstate your Amazon account is of paramount importance. The criteria to reinstate an Amazon seller account can change, but typically these five factors are used to determine your reinstatement eligibility:

1. Proactive Monitoring: Amazon may review any changes made to your account and take action when they feel something is amiss. Keeping your account up to date is key to avoiding any issues.

2. Selling Policies: Every seller must agree to Amazon’s Terms of Service, including the Selling Policies. Violating even one infraction can lead to an account suspension.

3. Order Defect Rate (ODR): Amazon will track the rate of customer complaints, cancellations, and late shipments. Each of these can influence Amazon’s trust in you as a seller. Keeping an eye on your ODR is essential to keeping your account in good standing.

4. Return Dissatisfaction Rate (RDR): It is important to have a system for managing returns to ensure customer satisfaction. Amazon will review return rates and the type of feedback associated with them.

5. Educational Guidance: Amazon may pass along ‘This is How You Fix it’ guidance about specific policies and procedures. Following this guidance is important for reinstatement.

These five factors are critical in maintaining a positive relationship with Amazon and keeping your Amazon seller account in good standing. Take the time to review your account settings, update your policies and procedures, and monitor customer feedback. Proactive monitoring and education can help you avoid receiving a suspension and increase your chances of an expedited reinstatement process.

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