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Welcome to today’s Got Suspended Clients episode of How Not to Get Suspended! We’re going to talk about some useful information on how to protect your brand name, and how to reinstate your Amazon account if you get hit with an IP complaint.

It is commonly known that for Amazon, sellers are always replicable. And it is crucial for you to prevent any issues during your operation on Amazon. It is not enough to just blindly follow all Amazon’s rules and regulations, you should learn to predict Amazon’s next move.

Amazon is increasing the suspension rate day by day, hardening the rules of the game. Especially with the current crisis. As it happens, many sellers have kicked off Amazon due to baseless suspensions. Of course, Amazon has been doing it to reduce the selling of inauthentic products on its platform. However, most of the sellers whose Amazon accounts were suspended were not even selling counterfeit products. Now they have to go the extra mile to have their suspended Amazon accounts reinstated.

Sometimes the suspension may be caused because of Amazon’s supply chain check process. Only those lucky ones who are able to provide the invoices which prove that all the products have been sourced from the authorized distributors can count on Amazon suspension reinstatement. Amazon is very strict when it comes to invoices.

That means that receipts from retail companies like Walmart are not going to fly. So, it is better to avoid purchasing your items from retailer stores. In order to get around such kind of problems, it is better to construct a valid supply chain and source your items from the brands or their authorized distributors. Try to hold all the legitimate documents in your hands. You can find more information on getting your suspended Amazon seller account reinstated on our Got Suspended Clients website.

In order to protect the sellers, Amazon established Brand Registry. If you are registered in Brand Registry, you will have a unique opportunity to control the content for your listings within that registered brand. Thanks to this tool, you can manage your product’s listing by yourself and format your listings as you see fit. Through this tool, the seller can make sections bold, change the description, and control all the product’s ID numbers. Also, you will gain access to the Global Catalog identifier, which is usually used instead of UPCs. For using this option sellers have to file an application on the Amazon Brand Registry Enrollment Request.

Most of the sellers are still suffering from the listings hijacked. But there is a slight hope on the new version of this tool, which can give a seller an opportunity to access such kinds of information such as the overall list of the registered brands.

However, everything is not as simple as it might seem from the first sight. Amazon sets a high standard that the seller has to meet to gain access to Brand Registry. For example, you must have a registered trademark in order to file the USPTO and receive legitimate rights to the Brand. As soon as you get a registered trademark, you will need to file an application for Brand Registry and show Amazon that you have a registered trademark. Brand Registry gives an endless opportunity to sellers for controlling their businesses. Sellers who are approved by Brand Registry get a unique opportunity to search by image or brand name and ascertain if anybody else is using the same brand name. Also, there is a special link through which sellers are able to report any violation in its earliest stage.

Of course, such kind of updates is very favorable for Amazon sellers who want to protect their creative work. Due to this tool, sellers have a high level of security to fight against the growing number of unfair counterfeiters.

At the end of the day, we at Got Suspended Clients are here to remind you that our Amazon account reinstatement service is at your disposal, whether you are a seller whose Amazon account needs to be reinstated, or you are a brand who wishes to take down rogue counterfeiters who are making an easy living off of your hard work.