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We are continuing to introduce you to different types of suspensions that you can come across with while operating on Amazon. Today, we are going to talk about “Used Sold as New” safety issues. In most cases, used-sold-as-new complaints are baseless, since the item is not used, but has a defective package or is damaged. However, according to Amazon’s rules, the item is considered to be used even in those cases when it is opened or returned. According to Amazon, new means new, unused, never opened, undamaged, and in its original packaging. The original protective wrapping can be missing, but the original packaging should be intact.

These types of suspensions are reinstated very easily. Partly because the root cause is obvious; first of all, you should dive deep into your business practice. Be sure that there is a member of your team who is responsible for reviewing each item before it is shipped. Also, review your relationship with the manufacturer or supplier from where you are sourcing your products. Check your supply chain to ensure all products are new, safe, and correctly sent out.

Try to sell new products from brands or their authorized distributors. Verify all your products, and ensure that they meet Amazon requirements.

These are just a few pieces of advice that could help you if you come across with such kind of issues. However, keep in mind that every business is unique. Try to detect your weaknesses and to improve your knowledge in case you find yourself suspended.

It might come out that this issue is a direct fault of the Manufacturer.  Once you have the big picture of the situation, try to prove to Amazon that it is not your fault. Provide Amazon with invoices and authentication records which serve as proof. If you want to show Amazon that you understood your mistake and grew from this experience, it is better to cut your previous supply chain and find a new company for your sourcing and show Amazon that there is no string attached with your previous supply chain.

Try to review all your items upon arrival from the manufacturer. Check all the points mentioned above before shipping to the customer. Keep in mind that the most crucial part is the packaging. Amazon has strict requirements concerning the packaging. Follow them and do all steps to prevent such kind of issues in the future.