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Today, Got Suspended will be your guidebook! We will line up all the actions you should take when going on a long-awaited vacation. Yes, being on vacation and never knowing what day it is, is what our Amazon appeal service wishes to all of you, to all sellers who have ever experienced an Amazon account suspension or are willing to avoid it.

Happiness is having a healthy and protected Amazon account, a pot of gold and spare time with family at home or even on the beach; but it’s not a gift from above, is it? Happiness is a result of hard work, it’s about going into overdrive and working for what you truly deserve.

It’s bad manners to keep a wonderful trip waiting…

Which is why you’ve decided to respect your vacation and quickly get your suitcase packed. But it’s not that easy! Before leaving your house and forgetting about all your e-commerce problems, you should put your account on Vacation Mode. Yes, everything should be properly done because this is what it takes to be an Amazon seller: attention, responsibility, trust of the costumers, and experience.

So, what is Vacation Mode after all?

This is a special tool which was devised by Amazon, for the ones who want to have their listings deactivated because of several reasons, such as going on the above-mentioned vacation, dealing with Amazon account suspensions and so forth. The philosophy is simple – when you are temporarily out of this entire e-commerce game, you can’t fulfill the order; therefore, Amazon customers won’t be able to receive their ordered products. Technically, Amazon helps you avoid a suspension…well, sometimes Amazon IS the good guy!

Vacation Mode vs. FBA

Of course, much depends on your method of selling; are you an FBA or FMB person?

If you are using FBA, and Amazon does the majority of work, then you can leave your listings active, since your listings will be functioning and ready to meet new customers. This time, Amazon will do the most significant part of your job; however, you will not be completely exempted from your responsibilities. This is when you should learn the art of multitasking!

You should combine vacation and working vibes, enjoy the beach and check your Account Health, drink a refreshing drink and view your performance, soak up some sun and occasionally check your inventory! Conclusion: you can use Vacation Mode and deactivate your listings, but what’s better than earning money while enjoying your free days?

Vacation Mode vs. FBM

If you are an FBM seller who lists and ships the products to their customers on their own, Vacation Mode is a must. You won’t be able to handle everything when you’re not physically present, or are busy with other tasks. This time, it is your duty to put your account on Vacation Mode, so that no customer is left unattended. Remember this formula – dissatisfied customer equals a suspended Amazon account.

Go as many places as you can or simply lay in bed and watch TV; vacation has no limits and has different meanings, but one thing remains the same: your duty as an Amazon seller to put your account on Vacation Mode. Now that you know all about this mode and its importance, it’s time to pack your bags and take your vacation. You can always earn money, but you can’t always make memories!

P.S. If you haven’t put your account on Vacation Mode, and numerous orders haven’t been fulfilled, you are most likely to have your seller account suspended. In this case, you can always touch base with our Amazon reinstatement service, after which we will help you get your account back as soon as possible!