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After Amazon’s notification, all we have is a full plate of problems and thoughts stuck in our heads. At first, every seller finds waiting for Amazon account reinstatement a bitter pill to swallow, but this will not last for long. Everything has its end, and so does your suspension. Now, take a deep breath and find the answers to your questions concerning your Amazon account reinstatement.

Let’s imagine that everything is ready for your Amazon account reinstatement appeal: sufficient information, root cause, and Plan of Actions. You sent your letter and now you’re biding your time waiting for Amazon’s response. One day, a week, where is Amazon when time is money? You’re waiting for the final verdict which will help you bounce back and continue your selling career, but still, there’s no response. Many days later, you finally get your response, but something is wrong. You got a generic answer that has the same content as the previous one.


Amazon has many employees who are estimated according to their speed, so this means they won’t spend too much time reading your Plan of Actions (especially if you’ve been a chatterbox and have gone into too much detail), but the quality of their work is not easy to monitor. We know this feeling when your Amazon suspension reinstatement seemed around the corner, and bang, you get a request for additional information or a merciless denial.

Amazon doesn’t care about its quality?

Of course, it does! That is why it always monitors its employees. Unfortunately, none of us can monitor millions of sellers one by one. That is why Amazon employees do what is easy, and not what is right. Instead, all you get is a generic response. Reliving the good old times, Amazon was checking every appeal is received. But now, being on top of the food chain requires some sacrifices, as a result, the sellers would be the ones who suffer.

Why does it take so long to respond, if all that Amazon employees do is sending denials or requests for additional information?

We at Got Suspended have seen many sellers who simply couldn’t sit around twiddling their thumbs and sent many questions to Account Health services. They often avoid this question when sellers are waiting for a response because even they don’t know how everything is operated. If you haven’t received the answer, then your appeal has not been read at all. On the internet, you will probably find that it can be completed within 30 days, but still, it is individual and depends on the case. Even though we have seen cases that were reinstated within a few days or weeks, cases demanding more than a month are not an exception.

Even though Amazon is a customer-centric company, behind the curtains you can find sellers suffering from suspensions which as it seems, are impossible to reinstate. Selling on Amazon is pretty hard, especially when it comes to suspensions. Of course, you can keep trying, writing numerous letters, demanding special attention towards you and your account and receiving late or no responses. We know how it feels and we are ready to help, as Got Suspended helps many desperate sellers keep their heads above water, when there is nothing left to do.