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What Happens if an Amazon Seller Account is Suspended, and What You Can Do About It

By April 7, 2021No Comments

Uh-oh! I Got Suspended!

People tend to have different reactions to Amazon account suspensions. If they are a relatively new seller, it’s often a combination of annoyance and disappointment, especially if they do not a lot of money riding on their Amazon business.

For more experienced sellers, the case is a bit different. Many experienced Amazon sellers depend on the platform and make their livelihood from it. If suspended, they could end up losing all of their investment, and in some extreme cases, going bankrupt. In fact, we have unfortunately seen some of our friends go down under because they got hit with Amazon suspension which they could not reinstate. Other sellers have been not just restricted from selling on Amazon, but they have been banned from the platform altogether!

Why can these suspensions be so damaging? Let’s find out.

Here’s what happens after you get that suspension notice from Seller Performance:

When an Amazon seller account has been suspended, the first that happens is that, well, you cannot sell anymore. Any listings that you have will be shut down, and your selling privileges will be removed. This is damaging in the sense that if you depend solely on Amazon as a revenue source, you cannot produce revenue because your account has been shut down and buyers are not purchasing from you.

Next thing that Amazon’s Seller Performance team does, is that they freeze your funds. That’s right! You will not be able to touch your funds until you resolve the issue. If you are paying rent, or have a team of employees which need to be paid, your funds being frozen can be pretty much a nightmare.

But there’s more!

If you cannot sell your products, it means they are stuck somewhere and cannot be moved. This could either be your own warehouse (which is the best case scenario) or Amazon’s warehouses. If they are stuck in Amazon’s warehouses, Amazon is going to charge extra fees for them. The longer they stay there, the more fees will jump out of your pocket, at a time when your account is suspended and you are not making money in the first place! God forbid your products are perishables or have expiration dates. At least with non-perishable goods, you could get to sell them after being reinstated!

Luckily, we have some good news!

Even though getting hit with an Amazon account suspension is not the most desirable thing for any Amazon seller, there are still ways you can get your suspended account back from Amazon. We are going to give you some pointers about what you can do after you have been suspended while selling on Amazon.

Put Your Account on Vacation Mode ASAP

Amazon itself will request that you finish pending orders. Once those orders have gone through fulfillment, put your account on vacation mode in order to prevent further problems.

Identify the Solution

The first step is fixing an issue is realizing that there is one. 90% of the time, Amazon account suspensions do not happen randomly. Something must have made you get suspended. Amazon will give you the generic reason, but expects you to figure things out on your own. Log in to Seller Central and start digging around. Did you ignore performance notifications? What about your account health metrics? Did you get it with an inauthentic violation? Or maybe sold a restricted product or two? There are so many things which can cause Amazon suspensions, and there are literally hundreds of ways to break Amazon’s policies.

Sometimes, you think you have it all figured out, but you still can’t put your finger on it. Well, reach out to our Amazon reinstatement services instead!

We know pretty much all of Amazon’s policies, and we can easily pinpoint the root cause of your Amazon suspension!

After figuring out the root cause with us or on your own, it’s time to move on to the second step:

Telling Amazon You’ve Cleaned Up the Mess

You need to show Amazon a ton of effort as an Amazon seller in order to get your account reinstated. What did you do after getting suspended?

Did you respond to every single customer and apologize for late shipment rate issues? Did up stop ignoring negative reviews? What about order defect rate? Did you restock your missing inventory? Amazon needs to know what you have done to earn the reinstatement!

Show Them That This Won’t Happen Again!

As crude as it sounds, Amazon and Seller Performance hate dealing with Amazon seller account suspension cases. As it turns out, so do Amazon suspended sellers! So, why not do each other a favor and create a preventative plan of action which you will include in your Amazon suspension appeal?

Tell them that you will not ignore negative reviews again, nor sell restricted product lines. We’re sure you and many sellers who have been suspended on the platform will no longer forget to check their notifications!

Before Smashing that Appeal Button…

Make sure that your appeal letters, especially plan of action sections, are well-structured. Unorganized appeals will most likely end up getting rejected.

If you cannot write appeals correctly, or are struggling with your plan of action, we’re always happy to help! Our team of suspension reinstatement experts can handle any type of suspensions and we’ve helped a ton of Amazon sellers get their seller account back. Any appeal our writers lay their hands on is noticed by Seller Performance and our success rate speaks for itself!

So, if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place on Amazon, just drop us a call and we’ll lift, and your suspended account back with our Amazon reinstatement services!