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Eagle eyes are not necessary to see that Amazon’s policies seem like a nightmare among sellers as the vast majority of Amazon seller suspensions pop up because of said policies being violated. Information about policies spreads like wildfire and unfortunately, this is like being engaged in disinformation. We at Got Suspended Client think that no one should be distracted by the noise of falsity, so let’s step on the gas and make it work.

In fact, Amazon’s policies are not that hard to understand and follow. It’s just a matter of time; sooner or later you should stick to those and manage your business above board. Amazon likes it, right?

When you become an Amazon member, aka Amazon seller, the first thing you should pay attention to is “Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct.”  This policy meets a plentiful number of new sellers who have only one thing on their brain – selling on Amazon. This innocent policy, however, can make your life a total disaster if you dare not to follow its rules. Within this policy, you should simply know the following:

  • Don’t open another seller account, it is strongly forbidden. (Unless you are officially allowed to do so by Amazon.)
  • Don’t try to influence or retract comments with special offers, coupons, etc.
  • Act fairly. You won’t reach dizzy heights if you cheat, misuse Amazon’s features or services, or try to damage another seller’s reputation and listings.
  • A customer is a customer, so get in touch with your client only through Buyer-Seller Messaging.
  • Don’t even try to circumvent the Amazon sales process. For additional info, check Amazon’s page for the Code of Conduct.

Customer Product Reviews Policies is another lifechanging policy that you should strictly follow unless you want to have your Amazon seller account suspended. Simply know how to work with feedback and reviews:

  • Don’t ask for reviews, Amazon will catch you, and Amazon will suspend you.
  • Don’t promise your customers financial rewards for a review.
  • Don’t try to remove negative feedback, this is like adding fuel to the fire.
  • Don’t even try building up own reviews. Bull will notice your red flag and kick you out of the matador arena, be careful.

Have you ever heard “I Got Suspended because of violating Amazon’s Intellectual Property?” We’re willing to be that you have. Still, thinking the suspension itself is the worst thing that can happen to you? Definitely not! Have you met IP suspension?  In a nutshell, if you don’t want to be in trouble with the law, and what is even worse, with Amazon, simply follow these steps:

  • Sell authentic items, no counterfeits, nothing! You’re an Amazon seller, not an online pirate.
  • Make sure the brand itself is aware that you’re selling its products. Otherwise, you’ll need a lawyer since you infringed upon intellectual property rights.
  • Your “Available at Amazon” badge should be used wisely; otherwise, Amazon will not forgive you. (Have a look at this policy to better understand this requirement.)

If you’re still here, then you might be a real eager beaver who doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to be the best of the bests on Amazon. Explore all avenues and all blogs that Got Suspended Clients offers, as this content will be your road map when selling on Amazon. Don’t lose hope and operate the most ultimate business on Amazon!

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