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It seems that sometimes, both buyers and brands conspire to submit inauthentic claims as much as possible. The main reasons for their dissatisfaction are “not as described,” or “counterfeit items.” Amazon tries to prevent the selling of counterfeit products on its platform by all means, if you didn’t know that by now.  It contacts both brands and buyers in order to detect the problem and puts all the efforts into solving it.


As an Amazon seller, you are not protected from inauthentic accusations. If there is a minor difference between the product that buyers get and that one which is on a listing page, it may lead to an inauthentic suspension. As a rule, there are several definitions of “inauthentic product” and these are: not-as-described, not-as-advertised, not the quality expected and many others. If the customer identifies some of these issues, it is going to be a perfect storm for getting your seller account suspended.


Should I Ignore These?

Definitely not!

It doesn’t matter if these complaints are baseless or real; you should not ignore them because it may lead to more serious problems with Amazon. You should work on issues within your business at their earliest stage. Try to show Amazon that you are taking actions, prove to them that you care about your customers’ satisfaction through your actions and that you are ready to fix any potential mistakes. Your first step should by writing a persuasive Plan of Action and try to explain your problem to Amazon. Of course, it is better to trust this process to the professionals like Got Suspended Amazon reinstatement service, since we know all the ins and outs of this business and can return your selling privileges promptly.


Why Are Inauthentic Suspensions Tricky to Handle?

There are several categories that can be included in the term “inauthentic.” And all of them refer to the Amazon customer. That’s why pinpointing the exact cause of your suspension isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially if you’re doing it on your own.


What Does Amazon Want to See in Your Invoices? 

All Amazon wants is to see a valid invoice. All the information that you are going to provide for Amazon should pass its review. Make sure that information such as the quantity of the product, SKU, item description, and other details are mentioned in your invoice. Otherwise, your invoices will be rejected.


The Supplier that Amazon Wants to See

It is not important whether you sell your products, or you are sourcing them from other suppliers; first of all, you have to ensure that you are working directly with brands or their authorized distributors. Your supplier should have its own webpage, telephone number, and valid address. Amazon will probably contact them for verifying your supply chain information. Keep in mind that you should never change any information on your invoices; otherwise, you can get suspended for forged Invoices.

As you can see, inauthentic cases are pretty tricky to reinstate.

No worries, though! Contact us at Got Suspended? Amazon appeal service and we’ll take care of them for you! Our track record speaks for itself!