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Recently, we have received lots of messages from our clients stating about their account’s suspension due to the Sales Velocity Limits violation. There are many Amazon sellers who face both listing and account suspensions due to this issue. Apparently, the are no serious reasons behind this issue; however, Sales Velocity suspensions are gaining more popularity day by day, in a bad kind of way.

In order to protect our customers, we at Got Suspended Clients have collected several important facts, by following which you can avoid sales velocity suspensions in your business. For more information on this topic, we suggest that you read our blog concerning this suspension.


However, let’s try to understand what a sales velocity suspension is, and how you can avoid it when you are operating on Amazon.

Sales Velocity: Too Many Sales, Too Fast

Recently, Amazon has come up with the new Sales Velocity Limit, the main concept of which is to protect its customers from unfair sellers. It is wise to know that Amazon monitors all the transactions of sales going through its website, and since every seller has their own designated velocity limit, Amazon does not allow surpassing them. Once the platform catches you violating this limit, you risk finding yourself in the red.


What Happens If You Surpass the Velocity Limit?

Keep in mind that once you notice your sales on Amazon being boosted, and you hit your sales limits, Amazon will start taking actions against you. First of all, your seller account will be reviewed by Amazon’s Seller Evaluation Team. The main goal of this team is to fight against unfair sellers who are doing suspiciously well in their business.


The Process of Your Account’s Review

Generally, the accounts which are placed under review do not have sales history, or customer feedback in order to prove the validity of high sales volumes. Keep in mind that both your account and your funds may be frozen, while your account will remain under Amazon’s review.

But what if you have not violated any rules, and have done everything by the book? Then you should not worry about anything. All you need to do is provide Amazon with information concerning your flows and inserts. You should include information referring to how long you have been operating on Amazon, from where you are sourcing your goods, information about the last orders you shipped, and many other things.


About Promotions

The existence of sales velocity limits is not a reason to ignore vital aspects like advertising and promotions on your account. Continue to develop your Amazon business, trying to do everything by the book. Keep in mind that Amazon has a state-of-the-art software that can easily detect any wrong action made by your side, as a result of which you will lose your selling privileges.

If you are an established Amazon seller and come across sales velocity suspensions, do not panic! Everything is perfectly fine! Got Suspended Clients is here to the rescue! All you need to do is to provide our professional reinstatement team with information concerning your operation on Amazon, and we will return your selling privileges in a matter of days. Additionally, we are open to provide you with a comprehensive guideline on how to run a safe business on Amazon without risking being suspended. Message us, and we will help you recover your business in a professional fashion. Find more information about our services, by going through our website.