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Apart from selling your own brand on Amazon, you have a superior opportunity to source your products from other companies and sell them on your account. At this stage of the game, the vast majority of Amazon sellers purchase products wholesale and sell them on online platforms. This is for sure an accepted method of becoming rich: however, everything has its price. In order to avoid the “dark side” of buying wholesale, and therefore, evade an Amazon seller account suspension, one should know all the tiny secrets of this sphere.

We don’t want you to be on automatic pilot, as we know how important it is to be well-informed about e-commerce secrets, dangers, and all that jazz. Before revealing the possible dangers of using wholesale, we should clarify what we mean. Nearly every Amazon seller acquires products from wholesalers, which means that sales are made in bulk, and therefore, price is relatively lower than it is in the market.

Do you trust your wholesaler?

At first, you should think about your Wholesaler. Their name, status in the market, website, and all those small details matter. Just think of it, the products you purchase will sooner or later reach Amazon customers: therefore, they should be valid, authentic, and legitimate. We have been witnessed to certain circumstances when wholesalers twisted a seller around his finger, as a result of which he was selling inauthentic products. And guess what? The seller account was harshly suspended and they had to reinstate their seller account.

Status is Important!

We mentioned their status for some reason. Mostly, wholesalers appear to be large companies; but every now and then, they are just small businesses which means they can’t afford to buy too many products. Ergo, the limited number of products won’t let them get the best pricing for sellers. If you had the chance to meet Wholesalers like this, then you may already know that the prices they offer are much higher than in the market.

You Know You’re Not the Only One

Finding a Wholesaler is not rocket science; everyone with an Internet connection can discover one which fits best with their location, price limit, and so forth. Taking into account the fact that almost everyone can come across the same wholesaler as you, it’s an undeniable fact: you’re not the only one who sells their products. This will for sure give rise to competition, where everyone will strive for stealing your thunder. If you’ve read our blog about dishonest sellers and their actions, then you already know the harsh consequences of the Amazon competition. If you don’t win, another seller will blow the competition away and your account will be suspended.

If you don’t want to go up a blind alley, you should know the risks before starting to act. Suspended seller accounts are, of course, hard to reinstate which is why it’s better to do even the impossible to avoid this risk. If you read our article too late and now you’re having problems with your suspended account, Got Suspended Clients is here to help!  Just give us a call and we’ll come to the rescue!