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You are operating your successful business on Amazon, sourcing, and reselling products every day. And life seems beautiful. Suddenly out of the blue, you receive a notification from Amazon. Your account has been suspended. Talking about spoiling the mood!

Yes, it may happen to you when you are completely unprepared. As a result, you lose both your business and your bank account. Not so fast! You’ve haven’t literally lost these. It’s a temporary problem to which Got Suspended Clients has the solution. Here goes:

The first thing that you have to implement is to come up with a detailed appeal letter for Amazon. However, before taking any action, you have to conduct a thorough investigation and detect the reason for your account suspension. After all, Amazon isn’t playing Russian Roulette with seller accounts. Your suspension wasn’t random. Something must have caused it! It would be better to resort to the help of professionals like our Got Suspended Clients team, who will draft your appeal letter and help you reinstate your seller account in a very short period of time. There are many sellers who prefer to write appeals by themselves; unfortunately, in most cases, these appeals do not meet success. Amazon has strict requirements concerning appeals for Amazon seller suspensions.

In the following article, we are going to introduce to you the main points that you have to follow if you are drafting an appeal letter by yourself, although we do not advise doing so.

Create a Plan of Action

In order to get your Amazon account back, you need to write a Plan of Action.

Strike while the iron is hot. Do not delay writing your appeal letter. A carefully written appeal letter helps you show Amazon that you took actions, identified the root cause of your suspension, and did your best in order to prevent such kinds of issues in the future. A “sorry, not sorry” appeal won’t work. Amazon requires specifics. You should be more careful in this process. It’s not about just saying that you’re sorry; you should provide Amazon with the method of doing better. And keep in mind, don’t bite a hand that feeds you. Never, never blame Amazon for anything, and not only Amazon. Pointing fingers never helped anyway. Try to admit your guilt, even though you are not directly responsible. An excellently written POA should include accurate data, and refrain from using broad language. Just show that you recognize your mistakes, and from now on you will do everything by the book.

POA: An Outline

Keep your goal in mind; you should do your best to convince Amazon to reinstate your seller account. First of all, try to provide all the necessary information they need to make the right decision. Here is an outline that will help you with your POA creation.

  • Introductory Paragraph: In this part, you should introduce yourself, the name of your business, and the reason for your suspension.
  • Description of the Issue: In this section, you should try to describe the problem which leads to the suspension, and talk about the investigation which was done for identifying the root cause of your suspension. Also provide some information and correct data, referring to your suspension.
  • Action Steps: Here comes the most crucial piece of the puzzle; you have to show Amazon the immediate actions which were taken by your team just after getting suspended.
  • Long-term Changes: Show Amazon what you have done to prevent such kind of issues in the future.

Send Your Appeal Letter to Amazon

Now, when you’re finished with writing your POA, send it to Amazon for review. In Seller Central, select Performance Notification, find a suspension notice from Amazon, click the appeal button then the Appeal decision button. Click on submit Appeal and send it to Amazon.

Now you should just wait for Amazon’s response. We have an entire blog just for this topic. Do not count your chickens before they hatch. Try to use this time to improve the gaps within your business. As a rule, Amazon requests more information, and you will probably have to send more appeals to Amazon for your account deactivation.

As you can see, the process of writing a POA is time-intensive. And not every seller manages to do it by themselves. Don’t frown; if your account reinstatement process remains stalled, contact Got Suspended Clients, and we will help you get your business back in the blink of an eye!