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We all know that feeling when something is canceled; annoying, right? This concerns not only our everyday life but also the e-commerce word where all of us are trying to get a foot in the door. Consider Amazon as a person who was waiting for something big, something special to its customers, and then boom, you cancel the order. It’s like pouring a bucket of ice water on someone. In this situation, your disappearing act will be a false move resulting in an Amazon Order Defect Rate (ODR) suspension. In this case, you’ll have to focus all your efforts on Amazon suspension reinstatement and not on the improvement of your business.

Amazon Cancellation Rate (often known as CR) only concerns the seller-fulfilled orders and is the total number of orders canceled by Amazon seller before shipping to the customers within a 7-day time period. Everyone knows about Amazon’s strict policies and one of the states that it should be always maintained under 2.5%, otherwise you’ll get suspended in a heartbeat.

To take a load off your mind, factors that lead to order cancellation are very simple and can be easily avoided. Let’s be honest, almost each of us can forget that a particular item is out of stock and almost each of us may have at least one customer that asks you to cancel the order. You see? It’s very simple. To make sure causes are easily identified, here are the following reasons:

  • Either you or your distributor doesn’t have the item at your stock
  • An annoying customer asks you to cancel the order.

A danger foreseen is half avoided; for an ultimate solution to this problem, we offer you some tips to reduce the risk of cancellations to a minimum and steer clear of having to get your suspended Amazon seller account reinstated:

  • If you opened the door to Amazon, you have taken it upon yourself to provide the best customer service. This means that you should be careful in everything you do. Your every step and every risk should be calculated.
  • Make sure you have the particular item before listing it on Amazon. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to cancel the order, and therefore, get suspended. If you cancel the order because of a lack of inventory, contact your customer, apologize, and explain the situation. Don’t just sit there, do something and the answers will follow.
  • Make sure you provide the best customer service by handling the shipping in one fell swoop. Customers are impatiently waiting for the product they ordered. This means that over time they will become the most impatient version of themselves, can you imagine? If you’re shipping their products at a snail’s pace, they will definitely ask you to cancel the order, and even worse, can write negative feedback which will also harm your business.
  • On a daily basis, check your Account health, where you will be able to identify any problem if there is one.

You can be suspended if you ignore Amazon’s policies and your metrics. To avoid this problem, follow our tips and you’ll never experience a suspension. We at Got Suspended think that predicting suspension storms doesn’t count, building shelters do. If you build your shelter now, you will never face the mind-numbing process of getting the Amazon account reinstated. However, if Amazon’s seller performance team doesn’t value your efforts, we offer you the best Amazon account reinstatement service. Don’t be afraid to dream big on Amazon, everything is possible if you know the secrets.