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Before the Floodgates Open

By July 11, 2020No Comments

Do you imagine how offensive it is to get suspended by Amazon before even selling something? Of course, it is the worst scenario that you can ever think of. However, recently, there is continuing growth concerning inauthentic suspensions before the product has even been sold.

Amazon just wants to ensure that you are sourcing your inventory from authorized distributors. This is to prevent any complaints in the future. If you are a rookie in this business, you can easily get you seller account suspended simply because you haven’t paid enough attention to your supply chain information. As a result, sellers get both account and listing suspensions for inauthentic products. Amazon usually doesn’t provide enough information on your suspension, and it’s too hard to identify the root cause of your suspension by yourself.

Inauthentic Suspension

Recently more and more customers and brands complain to Amazon concerning “not genuine, and “not as described” products on Amazon’s platform. Seller Performance tends to suspend your account rather than risking their customers’ trust. Those products which are defective, poor quality, or damaged are considered to be inauthentic. Recently, Amazon has been asking for more documentation on your supply chain. But, many sellers are sourcing their products from retail stores, and are not able to provide all the necessary documentation. This is a direct reason for Amazon seller suspension.

How to Avoid Inauthentic Issues 

First of all, it’s better to avoid starting your business as a Retailer Arbitrage or Online Arbitrage. Sure, there are many successful examples of those who succeed with these business models; however, keep in mind that these sellers have a great experience in this sphere, and they source their items from valid suppliers. Amazon just wants to ensure that you are sourcing your products from authentic suppliers. Do your best to create a valid supply chain by working directly with the brands or their authorized distributors. Keep at hand all the invoices and letters of authorizations to prove that you are working solely with reputable suppliers.


The inauthentic suspension is very common for Amazon sellers, and you should be ready for a ton of questions coming your way. So, try to be ready for any turn of events which may lead to your account’s deactivation. As Got Suspended’s professional team, we face inauthentic cases almost every day, and have great experience in dealing with them. Our Amazon reinstatement service can easily identify the root cause of your suspension and draft a persuasive Plan of Action for your speedy reinstatement. Feel free to contact us with your suspension, and we will reinstate your selling privileges in the blink of an eye!