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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has been leading the pack in Amazon’s marketplace for many years. That’s because it is one of the most popular and the easiest ways for succeeding on this platform.

Additionally, by choosing FBA, you are provided with different opportunities that FBM sellers do not have.

For example, the FBA fulfillment method allows you to automate the entire process of shipping since Amazon takes care of it by using its advanced shipping mechanism.

Moreover, you can attract the attention of more customers, who are Amazon’s Prime members. 

Nowadays, more than 70% of Amazon sellers prefer to run their business on Amazon under the FBA fulfillment method, so if you intend to become a part of this empire.

But still, have several hesitations, make yourself comfortable, since our team is going to an excursion through every hidden corner of FBA  and Amazon in general.



FBA is an option with the main goal of simplifying the process of operation for many sellers and providing Amazon customers with high-quality service. Let’s dive deeper and try to understand how this method works.

You find products that you are going to sell on Amazon, send them to the Amazon warehouse and Amazon takes care of the rest of the details.

Once your customers place an order, Amazon takes full responsibility for your products’ storage, packing, and shipping.

Moreover, if customers decide to return the orders, guess what? Amazon also handles annoying processes such as refunds and returns.


The Price of Success!

There is no such thing as free lunch! And if you really want to implement the above-mentioned benefits in your Amazon business, you should keep in mind that you have to pay Amazon both for storage and fulfillment.

Here, you should keep in mind that you should avoid selling too heavy or huge products which can take up a lot of space in Amazon’s warehouse since in this case, you risk facing high fees.


The Main Benefits Of FBA!

Nowadays, there are more than 300 million Prime members, who are ready to spend lots of money on Amazon.

While the average customer spends nearly $700 per year, Prime members spend nearly $1400.

So, if you are an FBA seller, you can easily use the advantages provided by  FBA and turn a good profit from it.

Additionally, Amazon takes care of all the hard work for FBA sellers, all you are required to do is send your products to the Amazon warehouse and enjoy the benefits provided by this platform. 

Nowadays, only in the United States, does Amazon have more than 100 warehouses, just tell them what kinds of products you are going to send them, and they direct which warehouse suits you more. 

After receiving your products, Amazon launches the process of your products sorting and adds them to their inventory. You can be sure that your products are being stored safely and in perfect condition.

In case you find your product damaged in an Amazon warehouse, Amazon will reimburse you immediately.


About Transaction

Another advantage of Amazon FBA is that it will take care of the transaction process by accepting payment and updating your inventory, which can drastically simplify your operation on this platform.


The Process of Shipping

The process of shipping is also managed in a very professional way.

Once you receive the order from your customer, Amazon takes your products from the warehouse, packs them, and ships them directly to your customer.

Even though the products arrive in an Amazon box, your information will be visible there and your customer will be happy knowing that you took full care of them!


Customer Service

You’re covered here as well!

Amazon also handles customer service.

Yep! A one-man army of e-commerce! Once your customer receives the order, Amazon immediately contacts them to make sure whether they are satisfied with the order or not.

If your customer decides to return the item, Amazon will also handle the process of return and refund.


The Process of Payment

By working with Amazon FBA, you can be sure that you will get paid every two weeks after Amazon counts your sales, deducts fees, and transfers your profit into your bank account.

There is no doubt that the advantages provided by Amazon FBA are quite good since you take out tons of options that you as a seller have to implement during your operation.


With FBA You Can Avoid Amazon Suspension

One of the main benefits provided by FBA is that, by using this method, you can drastically simplify the process of your operation on Amazon and reduce the possibility of getting suspended.

However, if you find your account suspended, do not worry since Got Suspended Clients are here to help you. Contact our team and we will help you return your selling privileges back within no time.