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Welcome on board to Got Suspended Clients, your safety is our main goal and it is our pleasure to serve you today by making your suspension-less flight more enjoyable. While we wait for takeoff, please take a moment to review the safety data card in the seat pocket located right in front of you. There it is thoroughly described how to find a wholesale distributor to avoid Amazon seller account suspension during the flight. Please fasten your seat belt, we’re taking off.

Amazon is very strict when it comes to supply chains. Just think of it, you are listing products purchased from a retail store or a fly-by-night distributor, who is going to pay the price? You! Amazon will simply leave you with nothing. Sorry, did we say nothing? It’ll leave you with a suspended seller account, which you’ll have to reinstate.

Let us guess, you’re already thinking about finding a reliable wholesale distributor? We’re here to help since we think that a seller like you should have a plan. You can’t just fly by the seat of your pants. A strategy is always needed. Now, how can you find a wholesale distributor apart from asking your friends or other sellers about it?

Finding a Wholesale Distributor: Part One

The easiest and most predictable way of finding a wholesale distributor is using a search engine, for example, Google. Many distributors optimize their websites, hence keywords you type in will absolutely work and you’ll find a perfect option for your business. However, many reliable distributors don’t strive to appear on the top of Google search results. That’s why you should have the patience to go through the results and find the best one.

Finding a Wholesale Distributor: Part Two

Speaking of online platforms…LinkedIn! Just type some keywords that are directly related to the wholesale distribution within the area where you’re going to operate your business, and voilà, a reliable wholesale distributor on a silver platter!

Finding a Wholesale Distributor: Part Three

Online platforms didn’t work? Don’t worry, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you out there. If you have decided what exactly you’re striving to sell, contact the manufacturer. Usually, they have a wholesale distributor list which they will kindly disclose, provided you show that you’re a legitimate seller on Amazon.

Finding a Wholesale Distributor: Part Four

What if you could see the wholesaler in person, see the products they may offer? We know, this sounds too good to be true, but there is a real opportunity out there; make sure you don’t miss it. Events bringing together members of certain industries, better known as trade shows, are very popular among Amazon sellers. Go ahead, ask wholesalers whatever you want, establish a solid relationship with them, and feel how your supply chain develops.

See, there are many ways to find a distributor, it’s not Chinese arithmetic at all, nor is it rocket science. The only thing you should pay attention to is their status. If they are unreliable, Amazon will find out and suspend you (even though you’re not guilty). We hope you have enjoyed the in-flight entertainment, but now we are preparing to land. Ladies and gentlemen, Got Suspended Clients welcomes you to Amazon.

Operate your business safely and you’ll never have your Amazon seller account suspended! Even if you do, don’t forget that Got Suspended Clients are here to land the place with as little turbulence as possible!