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Product Videos Are Just What the Doctor Ordered!

By August 7, 2020No Comments

Hello there! we are Got Suspended Clients and we are ready, willing, and able to help you cure your Amazon fever! Before that, we would like to understand your symptoms, and of course, measure your temperature. Don’t be scared, this is a simple thermometer which is, however, very different from the one you used the last time. Unlike the previous one which you placed below the tongue, you will put this one into your Amazon seller account. 

Hmm, interesting, your account is running a temperature and has a suspended throat, and we can surely say that Amazon is the culprit! Don’t panic, we have the medicine right here!

Let us tell you a bit about this disease: it easily sticks to your body, and makes you feel depressed, uncomfortable, poor and neglected. It can happen due to various reasons, for example purchasing unhealthy products and selling them on Amazon, cooperating with a sick supplier or a distributor, and even, using the wrong materials for your product videos! As we can see from your test results, your fever has started because of not putting a product video on your listings. Let us explain!

Why Are Amazon Videos Important?

Everything that is captured on tape, makes customers feel heard and understood. Amazon customers are extremely important, which is why they need to be treated accordingly. Even though it sounds strange that a product video can please them, it still works! If you want a strong and healthy connection with them, you can have a product video, and it will do most of the work for you!

It’s very easy for customers to view your product, and decide whether they want it or not. A good product video will not only show the product on a white background, but will also show its functions, and why it is a must for customers. It seems that video not only killed the radio star, but it’s also replacing standard picture ads as well! Numerous statistics prove that videos are easier to comprehend, and that customers always prefer videos to bullet points on your listings! Before doing anything, go and check Amazon’s video policy, because what is more important than Amazon policies anyway?

What About Suspensions?

Right, almost forgot! Suspensions can happen if you, first of all, infringe the Amazon Video Policy that was mentioned above. Apart from that, think about your customers. First of all, your listings can be a little bit faulty, because of which they won’t show your product as it is in reality. So, if a customer orders it and gets disappointed, you will have negative feedback, and consequently, get Amazon fever!

Apart from that, your listings can be the best in the industry, but what is the point if a customer is lazy enough to read your bullet points? A lazy customer will focus on pictures, which are by the way, not enough for a full understanding of a product. So, if they don’t read your listings and order a product without other “visual assistants,” they can become dissatisfied and even angry. This can lead to negative feedback, numerous returns, and Amazon suspensions.

If you have an Amazon fever, contact us and we will provide you with the best medicine, which is by the way, a new introduction by our Amazon appeal service! Since we are worried about your account health, we are working 24/7 to help you whenever you need us. Within our cooperation, we will prescribe essential medicines and other ecommerce syrups which will help us see you up and about. Amazon is waiting for you, so find a perfect doctor like us, and operate your business disease-free!