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Private Label is considered to be one of the most popular and profitable business models on Amazon. All you need is sourcing unnamed goods from the manufacturer and putting your logo on them solely from manufacturer’s approval. Pretty simple, isn’t it? However, there are lots of Amazon sellers who purchase generic products, put their logo and sell them as their branded.  As an Amazon seller you should strictly understand that you should never use other company’s products for putting your name on them, that can trigger a suspension! Keep in mind if the product has any information concerning another brand, you should never put your company’s information on it, since it will be considered as a Trademark violation.

Why You Shouldn’t Do that?

First of all, its in your best interests. Imagine a situation where you get a product and there is different information on it. Of course, it is going to be a reason for confusion, and you definitely won’t trust the buyer from whom you got that product. Now can you imagine what your customer may feel?

The second reason to stay away from product rebranding is that you can get suspended for an inauthentic violation. Think logically, if there is a confusion regarding your product quality, the customers will surely inform Amazon. As a result, Amazon will start taking actions against you in order to verify your supply chain information.

The next issue may arise with trademark violations. Believe us, it is going to be a real headache for your business. If a brand owner files a complaint against you, then you have to hire a legal attorney who will handle this issue.

Therefore, before sourcing products from suppliers, you have to make sure you are allowed to put your brands information on their products. It will help you reduce further Intellectual Property Issues during your normal business operations.

How We Can Help You

As we have mentioned before, rebranding an existing brand product is a strict Trademark Violation. This is considered one of the hardest types of suspensions, especially in terms of reinstatement. Why? Since you have to negotiate both with the brand and with Amazon directly. First, you have to reach out to the complainant and conduct all the negotiations with them. You should prepare yourself for a real uphill battle, since not every company agrees to withdraw the complaint from the first attempt. Therefore, we advise you to trust such issues solely to professional reinstatement companies like Got Suspended Clients. We are ready not only to conduct all the negotiations with complainant party, but also provide you with a professional Plan of Actions which will help you return your seller privileges promptly.